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EDV have collated a diverse range of recovery stories from members of the community. Recovery stories are first hand examples of people’s journey to recovery from an eating disorder. They show that recovery is possible. Stories are from both people who have experienced an eating disorder, and from those who have supported them.
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We are so much stronger than we believe

I was waiting for someone or something to save me; to come along and give me what I needed to push me to recover. It took me so long to realise the only person who could make me do it was myself and my willpower to change my life.

Ruby's story

There is hope

What started out as a relatively harmless idea, quickly became obsessive and took over my life. I was the last person I expected to get an eating disorder. But it still happened to me. To all those who are currently struggling, I want you to know that your struggle is valid, and that recovery is possible no matter who you are. There is hope.

Sophie's story

Fall down five times , get up six - the importance of perseverance to find the right supports and recovery

"Despite being told that I would never graduate high school, especially not with my original peer group, I did. Despite being told I may never recover fully, I did. Despite being told I might never handle the stress of my dream job - being a nurse - I now am a registered nurse working at a major public hospital and I am."

Read Tess's story

I thought my eating disorder would make me thin. Instead it made me small.

"More than ten years on, my recovery hasn’t been fast, but it has been big. I still struggle to love my body sometimes. But I have learned that my body deserves to be cared for, regardless of how I feel about it in the moment."

Cheryl's story

Choosing recovery everyday

"If you are just starting on your recovery journey, I want to tell you firstly how proud I am of you for taking those steps, and to not give up entirely if you have slip ups along the way – it is part of the journey, no story of recovery is linear."

Read Georgia's story

Learning to nourish my soul

To my body, thank you for not giving up on me. You’re the only one I have to take me through the journey of life. The only vehicle to connect my soul to the world, to touch, taste and smell the flavours of life. I promise to care and nurture you.

Read Elise's story


There is no magic word, prescription or motivational speech that will force recovery upon you. Only you can make that choice. That choice will dissipate the loneliness and isolation that your eating disorder compels you to feel.

Read Amy's story

Young, professional, male — and living with an eating disorder

“I am a 30 year old male. I am professionally employed and degree qualified. I have also been suffering from anorexia for the past three years. During this time, it has taken a devastating toll on my physical and emotional health, and my professional and personal life. This is my story.”

Read Ben's story

Understanding together

"Eating disorders are not well understood, and part of my recovery meant holding the hands of those around me ... This, in turn, lead to increased understanding from my family and friends and eventually, I understood myself.”

Read Ann's story

The labyrinth of recovery from an eating disorder

Recovery from an eating disorder is a complex and confusing journey. My experience is that it is not a linear pathway where one jumps a hurdle and then leaves it behind – conquered.

Read Jo's story
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