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EDV have collated a diverse range of recovery stories from members of the community. Recovery stories are first hand examples of people’s unique journey to recovery from an eating disorder. They show that whilst recovery is different for everyone, it is possible. Stories are from both people who have experienced an eating disorder, and from those who have supported them.
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Alisha's story - appreciating slow and steady growth

"The journey of recovery is not an easy one, but in moments of wanting to give up we must remind ourselves that it will never be an instant change. We must appreciate the slow and steady growth that we are working towards. Giving up is never worth it. We must take pride in our small accomplishments that in time become the greatest."

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Vicki's story - Sending hope through the power of Peer Support

When you have a child with an Eating Disorder, you are told how important it is to hold hope for your child whilst they are unable to see any hope for themselves. To reassure, to believe they will get better, to assure them that life beyond their Eating Disorder will be worth living. Hold hope. And you know this is really important. But as a parent new to this merry-go-round ride that you wished you weren’t on, there are times (especially early on) where you actually do have doubts yourself.

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Hannah's story - Recovery is a choice I make everyday

Some days I fall, some days or even more than a day at a time; I just want to give up and throw the towel in. I can feel tired and over it at times. But for me that's just a part of the journey. I think that these challenges are going to be there, especially when you’ve had your eating disorder as your security blanket and as a coping mechanism for however long or short it's affected you. Working in recovery can feel like a full-time job, but it's a job that is worth working for.

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Brock Mclean shares his battle with bulimia

Ex-AFL footballer Brock McLean has added his voice to raise awareness about eating disorders in men. Hear from Brock as well as other men who have their own lived experience of an eating disorder.

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Claire's story - it's okay not to be okay on Christmas

If I could go back and tell myself anything it would be to be kind to yourself during the holiday period. Remind yourself you are in no way a burden and your family show concern because they care. One day it will get easier, but always know it’s okay not to be okay on Christmas.

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Emma's story - relapsing forward

Relapses happen, but they don’t erase all progress. I want you to know that a backward step helps every forward movement; regardless of where you fall, full recovery is possible.

Emma's story

Sumedha's story - I see her

For me, recovery has been silent, loud, tough, testing, enriching. The fuller I become in body and in spirit, the more I find my mind thinking of the women of my childhood. Solid, full, proud. Large, unwavering, profound.

Sumedha's story

Lill's story - there is no ‘look’ and no ‘size’ to an eating disorder

I was never given the blueprint for body respect and a healthy relationship with food growing up. In fact, because I live in a larger body, my desire to lose weight was encouraged, celebrated and my eating disorder was left untreated. Eating disorders are a mental illness. They have nothing to do with physical appearance.  

Lill's story

Stephanie's story - claiming my mind and body back

Recovery is not a linear progression. Recovery is a roller coaster of emotions, hate and love, suffering and relief, tears of fear and tears of joy whilst I stare at myself in the mirror, conflicted with feelings of shame and pride. Recovery is the journey to finding yourself again and claiming your mind and your body back from the devil that stole it

Stephanie's story

Nikki's story - no such thing as not 'sick enough'

I’m sad that I spent so long making myself ill without getting help. I was worthy of care and assistance to get well again. I hope others experiencing a similar situation will acknowledge they too deserve and should seek help.

Nikki's story

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