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This page provides information on support groups available for people affected by eating disorders and those that care for them.

Well Together - Online Support Groups

EDV run a range of Online Support Groups that cater to different needs within the community.

What do the groups involve?

These groups give people the opportunity to draw upon the support, experience and skills of others facing similar issues. It is an open space to discuss what you are struggling with and to reflect on the current challenges.

Which group should I attend?

It is entirely up to the participants to select which group they would prefer to attend. Attendance is not based on diagnosis, but on what difficulties the individual would like support on. We welcome people to attend these groups at any stage of their wellness and recovery journey. Participants are welcome to attend more than one group if they wish. Please note that you must be 18 or older to attend groups.

How are the groups run?

Groups will be held online via Zoom and participants are required to register beforehand. Groups are free to attend, thanks to the support of the Victorian Government.

REACH – for restrictive and compensatory behaviours

This group is targeted at individuals who struggle with restriction as a feature of their eating disorder. We welcome people at any stage of the recovery journey. This includes individuals who are restricting their intake, struggling with thoughts to restrict and those who may be using compensatory behaviours in addition to challenges with restriction.

REACH meets every second Tuesday online 11am – 12.30pm via Zoom. 

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BEYOND – for binge eating and compensatory behaviours

This group is targeted at individuals who struggle with binge eating as a feature of their eating disorder. We welcome people at any stage of the recovery journey. This includes individuals who struggle with binge eating, thoughts to binge eat and those who may be using compensatory behaviours in addition to challenges with binge eating.

BEYOND meets every second Thursday online 11am – 12.30pm via Zoom. 

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COSMO – for those experiencing an eating disorder and other health conditions

In this group we welcome individuals struggling with any type of eating disorder, that are also having difficulties with other health conditions such as (but not limited to) alcohol or drug use, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, autism. It is a space where participants can seek support for these challenges that is safe and judgement free and where the complexity of the lived experience can be shared and supported.

COSMO meets monthly on a Wednesday from 11am – 12.30pm via Zoom.

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BLOOM – for those in the LGBTIQA+ community experiencing an eating disorder

This group is exclusively for the LGBTQIA+ community who are experiencing eating disorders. It is a safe space to discuss the dynamic challenges of eating disorders, body image, gender identity and sexuality and how this is impacting you at the moment.

BLOOM meets every second Wednesday from 11am – 12.30pm via Zoom

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VIVA – eating disorders and larger bodies

In this group we welcome individuals struggling with any type of eating disorder, that identify as being in a larger body. It is a space where participants can seek support and explore topics such as stigma, body diversity and advocacy.

VIVA meets on the second Thursday of the month at 11am.

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For family and friends

rALLY group

Please note: rALLY is currently on hold until further notice. We will provide an update on when rALLY is back up and running as soon as we can.
Who is the group suitable for?

Families and support people who are currently experiencing or want to provide family led care for their loved one. For example:

  • Families doing Family Based Treatment (FBT)
  • Families / support people who using an approach where they are closely involved in meal preparation, meal support and distress tolerance

The person with the eating disorder may be of any age but more likely to be child/adolescent or young adult.

What does the group involve?

The rALLY Group is designed to educate and support families and support people who are playing an active role in the recovery of someone with an eating disorder.

The sessions will skill up participants in understanding eating disorders, meal support, nutrition, distress tolerance, school/workplace strategies etc. It will also provide time and mechanisms for connection and peer support between participants.

Who will facilitate the groups?

rALLY groups will be facilitated by people who have lived experience of caring for someone with an eating disorder.

How much does it cost?

rALLY groups are free to attend, however registrations are required.

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EDV run two Carer Courses, UPSKILL and RENEW. Sessions for both courses run weekly, and can be joined at any time.

What’s the difference between an EDV Carer Course and EDV Carer Support Groups?

Our Carer Courses provide practical skills-based learning amongst peers who understand the experience of the support role. Each week’s theme will help facilitate group discussion and learning. In traditional support groups, the participants set the agenda by discussing whatever is on their mind in that particular moment.

Learn more about EDV Carer Courses

Non EDV family support groups:

strive Groups

strive Groups are run by our friends at Eating Disorders Families Australia. 

strive carer support groups:

  • Provide a safe, supportive place for carers to meet each month in a semi-structured environment which allows for both knowledge sharing and peer support
  • Provide information and resources to assist parents and carers to understand eating disorders and their integral role in recovery
  • Encourage empowerment of carers in their role in the recovery of the person with the eating disorder.
  • Are run by trained volunteer carers, for carers.

Attendees will be asked to join EDFA for a $25 annual family membership.


Who runs the groups?

All EDV facilitators have personal lived experience with an eating disorder or have been a carer. Some are working professionally or studying in fields such as counselling, peer support and psychology. You can find profiles of some of the facilitators below.

Do I need to book? Why?

Yes, we require you to book in if you are planning on attending. You can book by finding the event under the Events tab, and find the corresponding event.

We honour your time and the time of our facilitators. If we need to cancel a group for any reason we want to give you as much notice as possible to minimise inconvenience.

Support groups do not run if only one person is booked in, and that instance we would contact you to advise that it is not going ahead and offer one-to-one support to you via the EDV Hub.

I’m under 18 – can I attend?

Unfortunately, the groups are currently only for people 18+.

How do you keep the groups safe?

EDV uses a set of guidelines to ensure support groups are recovery-focused and non-triggering for group members. The guidelines are discussed at the beginning of each group.

How do I give feedback on groups?

If you have recently attended a support group and would like to fill in a survey to provide feedback click here.

Meet the EDV Support Group Facilitators

Rachael Millsom (she/her)

Rachael is passionate about both the power of nature and of people coming together in groups to support one another.  Rachael believes in the strength and resilience within each of us and how positive connections with others and nature can grow this.  Rachael has experience as a counsellor and with groups and is one of the co-facilitators of the Beyond group.

Is Hay (they/them)

Is Hay (they/them) is a disabled and queer young person working in the disability, youth and mental health spaces, as well as is a writer. After recovering from their eating disorder in 2019, they are grateful to get to connect to their community as an online support group facilitator at EDV.

Bridie Mannion (she/her)

Bridie has a background in psychology and facilitation, with a particular interest in women’s mental health, youth work and complex trauma. She loves learning about people and making meaningful connections.  

Zero tolerance towards violence

Eating Disorders Victoria (EDV) takes a zero-tolerance approach towards violence, aggression and/or violent threats. EDV has an obligation to provide a safe and healthy workplace where people are not subjected to aggression and/or violence.  This policy is in place for both our staff and our community.

In line with Safe Work Australia, violence is defined as:

  • Physical e.g. biting, scratching, hitting, kicking, pushing, grabbing, throwing objects, coughing or spitting on someone;
  • Psychological e.g. bullying, harassment, threats;
  • Verbal, written or online e.g.  abuse, yelling, name-calling, swearing, written correspondence including electronic means or online (such as via social media platforms).
  • One off or repeated incidents

Breaching of this policy can lead to termination of contact with EDV.

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