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Stories of Recovery

Home ~ Find support ~ Stories of Recovery ~ Brock Mclean shares his battle with bulimia

Hear from men who have experienced, and recovered, from an eating disorder.

Remember, everyone’s experience of an eating disorder is unique. You may connect with some aspects of someone’s story, and not others. That doesn’t make one experience more valid than another.

For support for yourself or someone you care about, please get in touch with the EDV Hub.

Brock McLean speaks up

Eating disorders are a serious mental health issue that can affect everyone.

My name’s Brock McLean. I’m currently engaged to my beautiful partner Stephanie, we have a 4 month old daughter Bonnie, who is our world, and I’m the happiest and healthiest I’ve ever been.

I suffered from bulimia for a number of years during my time as an AFL footballer (some time after I finished too). It tied in with other mental health issues I was experiencing at the time, such as depression and anxiety.

I want to help people understand more about eating disorders, who is affected by them and that recovery is possible if we seek treatment. Also to help change the narrative around our concept of vulnerability and how we perceive it, in particular among the male population.

Thanks to Brock for lending his voice to this campaign. 

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Ben's story

I am a 30 year old male. I am professionally employed and degree qualified. I have also been suffering from anorexia for the past three years.

During this time, it has taken a devastating toll on my physical and emotional health, and my professional and personal life. This is my story.

Ben* share’s the story of his descent into anorexia, how he hit rock bottom, and how he finally sought help.

*not his real name

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Gareth and Tom share their stories

Watch the recording of our Stories of Recovery event with our male Ambassadors. Hosted by Stefan, with Tom and Gareth sharing their recovery stories.

Need help?

Eating Disorders Victoria has put together a step-by-step guide take if you are concerned that you may be experiencing an eating disorder. It also covers how to talk to family or friends about what you’re going through. Remember that you have the best chance of success if you include people you trust on your journey.

Visit my recovery journey
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