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This page outlines how to seek help for an eating disorder, including how to contact the EDV team.

What is the EDV Hub?

“What a fantastic service you offer… It is so appreciated.” 

The Hub is a free and confidential service providing information and peer support for people experiencing eating disorders or those who are supporting them (family, friends, professionals etc.). We offer a safe place for you to seek information, openly discuss your experience with eating disorders and ask any questions you may have.

The main roles of EDV Hub are:

  1. Information: we provide evidence based information to help people understand eating disorders. E.g. fact sheets, education about eating disorders.
  1. Navigation: by listening carefully and asking questions we are able to connect people with the services and support that they may need for their recovery, or to assist someone. E.g. treatment options, links with GP, psychologist/dietitian, specialist eating disorder services, support groups.
  1. Support: people come to EDV to help begin and maintain their recovery. We also provide support to families and friends. E.g. practicing telling someone, questions to ask.

The EDV Hub operates Monday – Friday 9.30am – 4.30pm. Contact made outside these hours will be followed up when the Hub is open.

Please note that we are not a crisis service.

Crisis services with professional counsellors which can be contacted 24/7 via the following services:

Lifeline – 13 11 14
Suicide Helpline – 1300 651 251
1800 Respect – 1800 737 732 (family violence or sexual assault)

If you are not in crisis but would like to speak to someone when the Hub is closed, please contact:

The Butterfly Foundation (8am-12am, 7-days) – 1800 33 4673

Contact Lifeline for urgent support

FAQs about the EDV Hub

Who is the EDV Hub for?

The EDV Hub is for anyone in Victoria who is seeking information around eating disorders. Please get in touch if you:

  • Want to talk to someone about your eating disorder, disordered eating or body image concerns
  • Are supporting a loved one with an eating disorder
  • Are worried about someone close to you
  • Are a health professional seeking advice relating to a patient/client
  • Need contact details for experienced health professionals in your area
  • Want to discuss treatment options in Victoria

Who will I speak to?

The EDV Hub is staffed by trained volunteers who have a special interest in eating disorders. Many volunteers have either recovered from an eating disorder, been a carer for a loved one or completed studies in a related field such as psychology or counselling.

What information will I receive?

The EDV Hub team will provide a considered, well-researched response to your concerns or requests for information. Please have a pen and paper handy to take down information at the time of your phone call, especially if you require the information as soon as possible. If your question requires more research, we will take down your email address or phone number and send you a detailed response at a later time.

Before you contact the Hub, have you seen a GP?

Seeking help for an eating disorder should start with a visit to your GP.

EDV recommend that you see your regular GP, or a GP that you are comfortable with, as a first port of call for help with an eating disorder. If you don’t have a regular GP, we advise looking for a GP that lists ‘mental health’ as a treating specialty. Whichever GP you choose to see, it’s important you prepare for your appointment. EDV encourage you to follow the steps outlined here when visiting a doctor regarding a potential eating disorder. This information is relevant if you are seeking help for yourself, or for your child or loved one.

Contact the Hub

If you have already visited your GP, or are looking for additional support around eating disorders, please get in touch with the EDV Hub.

Other contact options for the Hub:

  • Call 1300 550 236. You can call the Hub anonymously on between 9.30am – 4.30pm, Monday – Friday. If you are calling after hours, please leave a message and we will return your call. We understand the need for privacy, and will not say where we are calling from unless we are speaking to you directly.
  • Email
  • Drop in and talk to any of our trained volunteers between 9.30am and 4pm, Monday – Friday. Collingwood Football Club Community Centre Level 2, Corner Lulie & Abbot Streets, Abbotsford, Victoria (currently closed due to COVID-19)

EDV Reception

If you are a current client at EDV’s mental health and dietetics clinic or if you have an administrative enquiry, please contact EDV reception.

EDV’s Reception is available Monday – Friday between 9am – 5pm. Please phone (03) 9994 0354 and press 2 or email

Media Enquiries

For media related enquiries, please contact:

Communications Manager
Breanna Guterres
0431 717 177

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