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It's time to get candid about eating disorders.

If you’re living with an eating disorder, on the path to recovery, or maybe you’re just considering recovery, Candid Conversations is a podcast for you.

We often say here at EDV that recovery requires you to have a toolbox of things to draw on when you need. Think of this podcast as another tool to add to your recovery toolbox. Something you can pull out when you’re wanting to learn something new, or be reminded that recovery is possible, even when it feels like it isn’t.

You’ll find us on all your favourite listening platforms. Just search for Eating Disorders Victoria. You can also listen online and find the links to Candid Conversations on all platforms through our podcast homepage on Anchor.

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Hello from Bree, the host of Candid Conversations.

Candid Conversations was born through a desire to capture the knowledge and lived experience of the team here at EDV, and share it with as many people as possible who are going through their own recovery journey. I’m delighted to be sharing the voices and wisdom of the team here at EDV with you all through this process.

I’m passionate about distilling the complexities of eating disorders and the health care system. It’s our hope that this podcast gives you easy to understand information, practical tips and importantly, hope, for your recovery journey.

Thanks for trusting us with your precious listening time. If you enjoy the podcast, please feel free to leave us a rating or review.

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