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This page contains information about the training EDV offers to health professionals. 

Why health and other professionals?

Professionals working health fields, such as nutrition and dietetics, nursing, mental health, occupational therapy, social work and so on, have a degree of responsibility for the health of clients and a duty of care.

Eating disorders don’t discriminate. People in a range of professions will interact with people who are at risk of, or who have already developed, an eating disorder. EDV can help health professionals identify warning signs, intervene and refer appropriately, and support people who they are concerned about in their professional dealings.

In addition, these workshops also provide information about promoting environments that celebrate a diversity of body types and focus on health, not weight.

Training for health professionals

Eating Disorders 101

90 mins
$36 pp or,
$360 for a group of 10 – 30 

A brief workshop designed to provide staff with some basic information about eating disorders, including:

  • Eating Disorders – a brief overview of types, risk factors and warning signs
  • The role of body image, dieting and the media
  • Factors that can protect against the development of an eating disorder
  • The importance of early intervention

10-30 participants.

EDV can cater to a range of health professions, and the following tailored programs for Eating Disorders 101 have already been developed for:

  • Eating Disorders and Diabetes
  • Eating Disorders: Pregnancy and early Parenthood
  • Eating Disorders: Early Identification and Intervention for Psychologists and Mental Health Professionals
  • Eating Disorders: for Teachers and School Staff
  • Eating Disorders: Understand, Recognise and Act, for Fitness Professionals

Should I Say Something

4 hours (with 30 minute break)
$91 pp or,
$1089 for a group of 12 – 20

A comprehensive early intervention workshop designed to give staff a good understanding of eating disorders, particularly the warning signs and how to approach students they may be concerned about. This workshop is based on the Eating Disorders: First Aid Guidelines (2008). It covers:

  • Eating disorder types and prevalence
  • Risk factors
  • Warning signs
  • Treatment and support options
  • How to approach and support someone who is at risk of developing or experiencing an eating disorder

12-20 participants.

Contact the Education team

EDV can also tailor these training sessions to suit your organisation. For more information about EDV’s training for allied health professionals, please contact our Education team using the contact form below.

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