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The page outlines on how EDV supports Victorian schools. It includes information on workshops for school staff, parents and students.

Workshops for school staff

School staff play a vital role in supporting young people at risk of or experiencing eating disorders. However, school staff can often feel apprehensive about how to best support students who may be experiencing difficulties.

EDV’s Education team provide professional development workshops to equip people working in education (primary, secondary and tertiary) with the skills needed to identify and support students who may be at risk of an eating disorder.

EDV offer two workshops for school staff. Bespoke workshops can also be developed depending on the need.

Eating Disorders 101 for School Staff
90 mins
$36 pp or,
$360 for a group of 10 – 30 

A brief workshop designed to provide staff with some basic information about eating disorders, including:

  • Eating Disorders – a brief overview of types, risk factors and warning signs
  • The role of body image, dieting and the media
  • Factors that can protect against the development of an eating disorder
  • The importance of early intervention

Suitable for all school staff (maximum 30 people)

Should I Say Something for School Staff
3.5 hours
$91 pp or,
$1089 for a group of 12 – 20

A comprehensive early intervention workshop designed to give staff a good understanding of eating disorders, particularly the warning signs and how to approach students they may be concerned about. This workshop is based on the Eating Disorders: First Aid Guidelines (2008). It covers:

  • Eating disorder types and prevalence
  • Risk factors
  • Warning signs
  • Treatment and support options
  • How to approach and support someone who is at risk of developing or experiencing an eating disorder

Suitable for all school staff (maximum 20 people)

Did you know?

The peak period for onset for eating disorders is between the ages of 12-25 years. (Hart et all., 2011)

Workshops for students

Growing up in today’s appearance-focused world can be tough. Social media, celebrity culture and reality television all have an impact on the way young people feel about themselves and their bodies. Sadly, too many young people experience poor body image, low self-esteem and in some cases, eating disorders.

EDV workshops for students are appropriate when young people in the school community have been identified as being at risk of developing an eating disorder and have been developed according to the NEDC guidelines for the prevention, early identification and response to eating disorders in schools. Student workshops focus on raising an awareness of eating disorders and supporting young people to identify and support peers in the school community who may be engaging in disordered eating behaviours. Workshops also provide strategies that encourage healthy relationships with body, food and physical activity, including managing diet talk unhelpful thinking styles, and challenging societal appearance ideals. Please use the contact form below or email to find out how EDV can support your school with student workshops.

Please note, if you are a teacher or member of the wellbeing team looking for workshops for students that are prevention-focused and focus on topics such as promoting positive body image and self-esteem, media literacy, and healthy relationships with food and physical activity, please contact The Butterfly Foundation.


The Body Project Australia

Body Project Australia is a dissonance-based early intervention program for young women aged 14-18 years who experience body dissatisfaction. The program is an adapted version of The Body Project, an evidence-based program that has been delivered to young women worldwide.

The program aims to decrease the extent to which young women ‘buy into’ societal appearance ideals by voluntarily engaging them in a series of verbal, written and behavioural exercises. The program is suitable for students who identify themselves as being dissatisfied with their body, and may be engaging in dieting and disordered eating behaviours.

The program is:

  • A four-week program delivered over consecutive weeks
  • Sessions are 1.5 hours in duration (or a double period)
  • Designed to be delivered to a group of up to 12 young people
  • Delivered by EDV trained facilitators
  • Delivered during or after school hours

The Body Project Australia

Find out how EDV can deliver this program in your school, or how school staff can become accredited to run the program internally.

Learn more

Workshops for parents

Parents are often the most influential people in their child’s life. By engaging the parents of your students in an EDV workshop, you will help to foster positive body image and strong self-esteem in their households, as well as help them identify the warning signs of an eating disorder.

Promoting Positive Body Image: A Guide for Parents
90 mins
$341 incl. GST

This workshop provides parents of primary and secondary students with a brief overview of eating disorders and focuses on risk factors, warning signs and the protective factors that can help reduce the risk of an eating disorder developing. It covers:

  • Eating disorders: types, risk factors, warning signs
  • Protective factors
  • The role of body image and the media
  • The dangers of dieting
  • Being a positive role model


Contact the Education team

For further information or to make an enquiry about the presentations on offer, please fill out the enquiry form.

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