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This page provides information about EDV’s Carer Coaching Program. Find out what the program entails and how you can get involved.

What is the Carer Coaching Program?

EDV’s Carer Coaching Program is a structured, eight-week program designed to get families off to a good start in supporting their young person’s recovery from a restrictive eating disorder.

The program was developed by EDV as an innovative response to the increase in young people needing eating disorder treatment during the COVID-19 pandemic. The program activates families to effectively care for their young person while they are waiting to enter formal Family Based Treatment.

Participants in the program are primary care givers (usually parents) of someone aged 18 or under. Their loved one is currently on a waitlist for treatment, usually at a CAMHS or CYMHS service. Participants attend up to eight weekly online sessions prior to commencing treatment with their specialist clinical team. These sessions will run for 60 minutes and carers will leave feeling more empowered and confident in their caring role.

Why do carers need ‘coaching’?

Eating disorders are not self-limiting illnesses, which means that without intervention, a person is likely to become more and more unwell. When a young person has a restrictive eating disorder and they are waiting to access treatment, every day and week without intervention can make a difference.

Family Based Treatment (FBT) is the most effective, evidence-based treatment for young people with restrictive eating disorders. As the name suggests, it requires families (usually parents) to deliver treatment at home using a structured process. When carers understand and are coached to implement principles of Family Based Treatment as soon as possible, they can become active in the treatment of their young person’s eating disorder.

What is a Carer Coach?

Our Carer Coaches have lived experience of supporting their young person through to recovery from an eating disorder. They also bring a wealth of collective experience from their ongoing peer support work with other families. They are not clinicians, but they bring the expertise and skills they have gained throughout their own journey, to support your family.

How can the program help families?

Families will feel empowered by gaining knowledge about eating disorders and learning actions they can take to support recovery, prior to beginning formal clinical treatment.

Feedback from participants highlights how valuable the coaching sessions are:

“The carer coaching has been an invaluable tool in navigating a daunting and overwhelming circumstance that a parent finds themselves in. The eight week program is a good length of time and contains significant amounts of information.”

“…real world experience and in-depth knowledge of FBT and the disorder gave us tremendous confidence and reassurance during this challenging time.”

“It is true support from someone who has been in your shoes. I have been so impressed with the level of understanding, care and knowledge I have gained by doing these sessions.”


  • The person with the eating disorder must be under the care of a GP or pediatrician.
  • You are the carer/s of a young person (under 19) who is experiencing a restrictive eating disorder.
  • The young person with the eating disorder is on a wait list for formal treatment.
  • You are able to commit to weekly sessions (up to 8) until formal treatment commences.
  • You are a Victorian resident.

Program responsibilities

Our responsibility
  • Our Carer Coaches are experts by experience. We are not clinicians.
  • We cannot provide service or clinical recommendations and all of our information should be regarded as adjunct to, not a replacement for, clinical treatment.
  • We will keep your information confidential (the EDV privacy guidelines can be found on our website).
  • Our Carer Coaches receive support and supervision.
Your responsibility

Please provide us with 24 hours notice if you cannot attend your scheduled appointment.


How much does the program cost?

This program is free, thanks to the support of the Victorian Government.

What if our formal treatment appointment arrives before we have completed the 8-week Carer Coaching Program?

You can finish the Carer Coaching program at any time during the 8-week period. We will provide an exit meeting to ensure that you leave feeling informed and well supported.

Who else can attend the Carer Coaching Program 8-week course with me?

Any primary carer is welcome, but would need to attend the entire course.

How are the appointment dates organised?

You will work together with your Carer Coach to book mutually convenient times for your appointments. Appointments will be for up to 60 minutes, on a Tuesday or Wednesday between the hours of 9.30am and 4pm.

What if I need help between appointments or if the waiting period for treatment is over 8-weeks?

EDV have a broad level of support available to you. Call the EDV Hub, Monday-Friday 9.30am-4.30pm on 1300 550 236 or the Butterfly Foundation 7 days per week, 8am-midnight on 1800 334 673.

Register for the Carer Coaching Program

If you are interested in joining the Carer Coaching Program, please complete the registration form provided below and one of our Carer Coaches will get in touch.

For further questions about the program, please reach out to us at [email protected] or phone 1300 550 236.

Register for the Carer Coaching Program online

Follow the link below to fill out our online registration form.

Register now

What if I'm not eligible for the Carer Coaching Program?

If you’re not eligible for the Carer Coaching Program, please explore the other support options that EDV has on offer.

EDV offer a range of programs and resources for carers, families and loved ones, including:

  • EDV Hub – free, confidential information, service system navigation and support
  • Telehealth Counselling: Carers – Up to five free 30-45 minute sessions with a trained mental health worker, to help carers talk through and manage their carer role and own wellbeing
  • Telehealth Nurse – free service to assist carers with accessing treatment for a loved one, locating specialised eating disorder services and health professionals and provide information and support to help people work towards recovery. 
  • UPSKILL Carer Course – 6-week course designed to provide skills training for families and carers who are playing an active role in refeeding their child.  
  • RENEW Carer Course – 4-week, skills-based course for people whose loved one has been unwell for longer than two years and are not currently participating in family-led refeeding, but who wish to gain and renew skills to support them in their journey.
  • Carer resources page on our website – includes links to factsheets, videos and other support services
  • Carer workshopsEDV runs workshops for carers, focused on wellbeing, coping strategies, and problem solving skills. Please contact the EDV education team at [email protected] for more information.

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Meet the Carer Coaching Team


Vicki has supported both her daughter and her sister through to recovery from an eating disorder.  Over the past 10 years she has continued to be involved in ED advocacy through education and awareness as well as providing general support to families who find themselves in the eating disorder world.   She has a particular passion for the power of families being involved in the recovery process and enjoys continually updating her knowledge through professional development in the area of family led re-feeding and the nuances involved in adapting for different temperament traits.


Rachel is a mum of two who supported her youngest daughter to recovery through family led re-feeding six years ago. She understands the challenges eating disorders and the recovery process presents to young families and is passionate about empowering other parents and carers to take the lead in their young person’s recovery. She believes that with the right skills, knowledge and lots of love it is possible for parents and carers to lead their families to a beautiful and fulfilling life on the other side of their child’s eating disorder.

Zero tolerance towards violence

Eating Disorders Victoria (EDV) takes a zero-tolerance approach towards violence, aggression and/or violent threats. EDV has an obligation to provide a safe and healthy workplace where people are not subjected to aggression and/or violence.  This policy is in place for both our staff and our community.

In line with Safe Work Australia, violence is defined as:

  • Physical e.g. biting, scratching, hitting, kicking, pushing, grabbing, throwing objects, coughing or spitting on someone;
  • Psychological e.g. bullying, harassment, threats;
  • Verbal, written or online e.g.  abuse, yelling, name-calling, swearing, written correspondence including electronic means or online (such as via social media platforms).
  • One off or repeated incidents

Breaching of this policy can lead to termination of contact with EDV.

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