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This page provides information about EDV’s Telehealth Nurse.

What is EDV's Telehealth Nurse service?

EDV’s Telehealth Nurse provides assistance to people with eating disorders and their support people The nurse service actas a central point of contact to help people access services, locate specialised eating disorder health professionals, provide information and help people work towards recovery

What can I expect from EDV's Telehealth Nurse service?

EDV’s Telehealth Nurse will initially complete a 1 hour assessment over the phone. During this call the nurse will discuss your individual needs, history of your or your loved one’s eating disorder, current treatments and goals.

The Telehealth Nurse can help guide you through treatment in the community, as well as following hospital admissions or discharge from intensive day programs.
The nurse can also help connect you with other health professionals who specialise in eating disorders.

The nurse will provide ongoing support through follow-up to help keep you working towards your unique goals.

Where can I find EDV's Telehealth Nurse?

EDV’s Telehealth Nurse is available over the phone and email, with face-to- face appointments in our offices welcomed. This allows anyone in Victoria to have access to this service for themselves, or someone they care for who has an eating disorder.


If you are an adult living in Victoria with an eating disorder or you are a Parent/family member/friend who is caring for either a child or adult who has an eating disorder, you are able to connect and receive this service. You will need to be available for an initial consultation with the Telehealth Nurse over the phone. No referral is required. If you, or someone you know, would like further help taking steps toward recovery, please get in touch.

Other requirements

EDV’s Telehealth Nurse may ask for your consent for information to be shared between EDV and other health professionals that you are connected to (GP, Psychologist, Psychiatrist, Dietitian) which will be done with your knowledge. Participation in research may be offered and feedback is welcomed. 

How to get in touch with EDV's Telehealth Nurse?


If you need to contact the Telehealth Nurse directly, please email shannyn.lorkin@eatingdisorders.org.au. Please note that Shannyn works Tues – Fri 8.30am – 4.30pm. 


Part of this role is funded by a national telehealth nurse case management pilot program called ‘Patient Pathways’ that is being coordinated by the Centre for Community-Driven Research. 

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