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The Peer Mentoring Program is currently full. Registrations for the next round of the program will open in October 2024. Please note that the program is for those aged 18+.

What is Peer Mentoring?

Peer Mentoring can be defined as peer support that is provided by people with lived experience of an eating disorder. Peer support is a mutually beneficial relationship, where the Peer Mentor and participant learn and grow through their shared experiences.  

Peer Mentoring can be immensely valuable, providing insights, hope and understanding. Often it is a unique relationship, not friendship or therapybut filling the gap between the two. 

How does the Peer Mentoring Program work?

The Peer Mentoring Program (PMP) is a FREE program providing one-on-one mentoring with an EDV Peer Mentor who has recovered from an eating disorder. 

Participants and Mentors meet on a fortnightly basis for 13 sessions. The mentor supports the participant by working together to develop a recovery focused Mentoring Journal and undertaking activities to achieve identified goals. Common goals include engaging with community life and developing self-care.

The program aims to provide complimentary support alongside clinical treatment to help individuals sustain better recovery outcomes. 

What to expect from the Peer Mentoring Program?

Participants in the EDV Peer Mentoring Program will meet with a Peer Mentor over a six month period on a fortnightly basis. Sessions can take place online, in the community or at EDV. The sessions will involve many different activities that focus on strengths, practical supports and developing skills. 

Activity examples:
  • Meal support
  • Arts and crafts
  • Gentle movement
  • Self-care activities
  • Grocery shopping
  • Cooking
  • Attending community events and classes  

Peer Mentoring Program Roadmap

Peer Mentoring Program Testimonials

EDV Peer Mentoring Program Testimonials:

The program has been life changing for me. I am at a place in recovery I have not been before mentally. I know my restriction has loosened. My binging and purging has reduced in severity. I have more control over my mind. It might sound small, but learning that recovery is possible with someone showing me, who has lived experience, makes change possible in real life. Having a mentor with a great attitude to food, culture and eating inspires changing my choices and learning to trust myself. This happened with eating, but also I noticed it also feed into my relationships/study in that I have been feeling more agency in general. I can’t thank my mentor enough.
– Peer Participant

“As someone who has previously had an eating disorder it would have been incredible to have a program such as this to exist. In the midst of illness, it can feel like you will never be well. This program provides proof that people will and do become well.”  – Peer Mentor

“Through the program I can safely express my feelings and emotions, challenge my fear foods in a safe environment, and be provided support and encouragement from someone who has recovered from an ED themselves.” – Peer Participant

EDV Peer Mentoring Program on the Candid Conversations Podcast:

On this episode of Candid Conversations, Jess, a recent graduate of the Peer Mentoring Program, and Stefan, one of our wonderful peer mentors at EDV, discuss Jess’ time in the program and what shedding the identity of her eating disorder has meant for her

How do I get involved?


If you are an adult (18+) with an eating disorder who is interested in working with a Peer Mentor, and applications are open, please complete the online PMP Participant Registration Form below. You will need to provide contact details of your treating GP, Mental Health Practitioner (eg. psychologist, counsellor, clinical mental health social worker) and a personal/family support person. EDV will be in touch with the outcome. Please note: If the program is full, please refer to the top of this webpage for further details on when registrations will reopen.

Health Professionals 

 If you are a health professional and wish to refer a client to the program, please feel free to contact us for more information [email protected] or direct your client to complete the Participant Registration Form below.  You can also download and pass on the fact sheet below. 

Program Factsheet

Peer Mentoring Program Alumni Group 

Anyone who has completed the PMP is welcome to join the Alumni Participant Group.

This is a group that provides ongoing support through engagement in practical self-care and recovery focused activities.  Sessions are held on Wednesday evenings once a month and there is no cost involved. Alumni sessions are designed to be complimentary to clinical treatment.   

You can register your interest in attending Alumni Participant Group sessions by emailing Andrew at [email protected]. 

Meet the Team

Our PMP team consists of a Program Manager, Senior Advisors, PMP Officer, and a pool of peer mentors.

Rachael, PMP Manager

Rachael (she/her) is the EDV Peer Mentoring Program Manager, who is passionate about advancing the role of lived experience and peer work within the eating disorder sector. Since joining EDV in 2018, Rachael has seen the peer workforce grow and believes that providing peer-led supervision and support is key to delivering high quality programs such as PMP to the community. She has a background in social work and sociology and is currently completing her PhD studies at La Trobe university with an interest in peer-led programs and their impacts on mental health organisations. Rachael has lived experience as a carer for a loved one who has recovered from an eating disorder.  

Andrew, PMP Program Officer

Andrew (he/him) is the EDV Peer Mentoring Program Officer who is passionate about the power of lived experience in recovery. He believes that individuals who have gone through challenges with mental health have unique insights and perspectives that can help others facing similar circumstances. Andrew is committed to his work, and his core values of compassion, hope, and optimism shine through in everything he does.  

Outside of work, Andrew finds joy in trying new foods, discovering new recipes, and spending time at the beach.   

Clare, Senior Advisor and Peer Mentor  

Clare (she/her) has lived experience of an eating disorder. She joined Peer Mentoring Program during its pilot in 2017. Clare is passionate about utilising the voice of lived experience to create meaningful change. Her values of connection and hope are reflected in the work that she does as a Peer Mentor. Outside of work, Clare enjoys spending time with her beloved cats, Milly and Monty.  

Stefan, Senior Advisor and Peer Mentor

Stefan (he/him) has lived experienced of an eating disorder and other mental health challenges. Stefan has been in multiple roles at EDV, including as a Peer Mentor for the Severe and Enduring Eating Disorders (SE-ED) Program, and a Stories of Recovery Ambassador. He also has a background in LGBTQIA+ advocacy and social justice. 


For enquires please call 1300 550 236 ext. 214 or email [email protected]

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