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EDV have collated a diverse range of recovery stories from members of the community. Recovery stories are first hand examples of people’s unique journey to recovery from an eating disorder. They show that whilst recovery is different for everyone, it is possible. Stories are from both people who have experienced an eating disorder, and from those who have supported them.
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Vicki's story - Sending hope through the power of Peer Support

When you have a child with an Eating Disorder, you are told how important it is to hold hope for your child whilst they are unable to see any hope for themselves. To reassure, to believe they will get better, to assure them that life beyond their Eating Disorder will be worth living. Hold hope. And you know this is really important. But as a parent new to this merry-go-round ride that you wished you weren’t on, there are times (especially early on) where you actually do have doubts yourself.

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India's story - make Dane proud

"It helped a great deal for me to understand that while yes it was hard knowing he had lost a lot of control in his life - I knew he was fighting as hard as he could, that his ED was not his fault, and that I was proud of him."

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Tracey's story - a mother's love

"At times I have felt strong and other times I have cried myself to sleep. I wished I could have carried the burden for her, but in the end she had to have the strength and will to fight and my job was to help guide her and fight for her when she was not able to."

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