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This page explains the range of support services offered by EDV that can be accessed by Victorian carers looking for information and support around caring for a loved one with an eating disorder.

Carers need care too

Being a carer for someone living with an eating disorder can often be an exhausting, distressing and isolating experience. This page details the range of free and low-cost support services EDV offers carers to help you get the information, resources and support you need.

EDV’s services are informed by the lived experience of people who have experienced eating disorders and those that have cared for them. Many of our staff, volunteers and board members have lived experience of eating disorders.

We aim to provide empathetic and helpful support in everything that we do. Our range of services cover the breadth of the eating disorder journey, from first diagnosis to recovery, relapse and maintenance.

Eating Disorders Victoria acknowledges that carers can be anyone – parents, partners, siblings, children, in-laws, close friends etc.

Carer Coaching Program

The Carer Coaching program is an 8-week, 1:1 online coaching program for families with a young person who has been newly diagnosed with a restrictive eating disorder.

Developed in response to the spike in eating disorder presentations in young people (under 19) during COVID-19, the Carer Coaching Programs offers primary carer givers with the chance to receive coaching from EDV Carer Coaches while they await formal treatment. EDV’s Carer Coaches have their own lived experience of caring for someone with an eating disorder, and bring a wealth of experience from their peer support experience with other families.

To learn more about the program, the eligibility requirements and how to apply, please follow the link below.

Learn more about EDV’s Carer Coaching Program

Find out how to access this free support program.

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EDV Carer Courses

EDV’s Carer Courses are designed to support carers (parents, grandparents, partners and other loved ones in caring roles) in a practical way.

Courses are structured around weekly topics, so you always know what you’ll be discussing. We offer two courses for carers:

  • UPSKILL – 6-week course suitable for families and carers who are currently utilising a family-led refeeding (or FBT/Maudsley) approach for their child and need skills and support to manage this process. It runs every Wednesday from 1.30pm – 2.30pm.
  • RENEW – 4-week course most appropriate for people whose loved one has been unwell for longer than two years and are not currently participating in family-led refeeding, but they wish to gain and renew skills to support them in their journey. It runs every Wednesday from 11.30am – 12.30pm.

While courses are structured around either 6 or 4 week blocks, they can be joined at any point.

Learn more about EDV’s Carer Courses

Find out more about the structure and topics covered in our Carer Courses, plus how to register to attend.

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“What a fantastic service you offer to very concerned families. It is so appreciated.”

The EDV Hub is a free and confidential support service providing information and peer support for people experiencing eating disorders  as well as those who are supporting them, including carers and family members. The Hub offers a safe place for you to seek information, openly discuss your experience with eating disorders and ask any questions you may have. The Hub can provide information specific to carers that may be useful in helping you support your loved on and care for yourself.

The main roles of EDV Hub are:

  • Information: we provide evidence based information to help people understand eating disorders. E.g. fact sheets, education about eating disorders.
  • Navigation: by listening carefully and asking questions we are able to connect people with the services and support that they may need for their recovery, or to assist someone. E.g. treatment options, links with GP, psychologist/dietitian, specialist eating disorder services, support groups.
  • Support: people come to EDV to help begin and maintain their recovery. We also provide support to families and friends. E.g. practicing telling someone, questions to ask.

Please note that we are not a crisis service. Crisis services with professional counsellors which can be contacted 24/7 via the following services:

Lifeline – 13 11 14
Suicide Helpline – 1300 651 251
1800 Respect – 1800 737 732 (family violence or sexual assault)

If you are not in crisis but would like to speak to someone when the Hub is closed, please contact:

The Butterfly Foundation (8am-12am, 7-days) – 1800 33 4673

Contact the Hub

Fill out an online form, send an email or give us a call Mon – Fri 9.30am – 4.30pm on 1300 550 236.

Contact the Hub

EDV Telehealth Nurse

EDV’s telehealth nurse service is a free support service available to any Victorian who is experiencing an eating disorder, or who is caring for someone with an eating disorder.

The Telehealth nurse acts as a central point of contact, and can assist carers with accessing treatment for a loved one, locating specialised eating disorder services and health professionals and provide information and support to help people work towards recovery. 


Get in touch with the Telehealth Nurse

The telehealth nurse is available for consultations Tuesdays – Fridays. Bookings with the nurse are essential.

Learn more and book a consultation

Telehealth Counselling - Carers

EDV offers Telehealth Counselling for carers of loved ones with eating disorders. This is a free service, provided by trained mental health workers, to help carers talk through and manage challenges of their caring role and own wellbeing. Carers can access up to five 30-45 minute phone sessions in this program. If you would like to link in with Telehealth Counselling for Carers for some support, please contact the Hub and speak to them about a referral.

Contact the EDV Hub

Get in touch with our friendly Hub team about a referral to a telehealth counsellor.

Contact the Hub

Carer Newsletter

Receive support and insights about caring for someone with an eating disorder directly to your inbox every month.

Our Carer Newsletter is written by carers, for carers. Each newsletter addresses common challenges faced by those who play a caring role and provides practical strategies and tips to manage them.

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rALLY Support Group

The rALLY Support Group is designed for people who are providing family led care for their loved one.

This is likely to include:

  • Families doing Family Based Treatment (FBT)
  • Families / support people who using an approach where they are closely involved in meal preparation, meal support and distress tolerance

The person with the eating disorder may be of any age but more likely to be child/adolescent or young adult.

What does the group involve?

The rALLY Group is designed to educate and support families and support people who are playing an active role in the recovery of someone with an eating disorder.

The sessions will skill up participants in understanding eating disorders, meal support, nutrition, distress tolerance, school/workplace strategies etc. It will also provide time and mechanisms for connection and peer support between participants.

Who will facilitate the groups?

rALLY groups will be facilitated by people who have lived experience of caring for someone with an eating disorder.

When do the groups meet?

Currently the rALLY group is running online on the third Tuesday of each month.

How much does it cost?

rALLY groups are $5 to attend. Free for EDV and Eating Disorders Families Australia (EDFA) members.

rALLY Support Group

Book online to secure your place at the next rALLY support group.

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RENEW Support Group

The Renew group is designed for people who are caring for an independent adult, or have been a carer for some time.

Who is the group suitable for?

Families and carers who have been impacted by a loved one with an eating disorder but are not playing an active role in recovery. This is likely to be family, friends, support people of adults with enduring eating disorders. 

What does the group involve?

The group will provide nourishing and supportive environment for participants. The focus of the group will be on self-care for the individual impacted by caring for a loved one with an eating disorder.

Who will facilitate the groups?

Renew groups will be facilitated by people who have lived experience of caring for someone with an eating disorder.

How much does it cost?

Renew groups are $5 to attend. Free for EDV and Eating Disorders Families Australia (EDFA) members.

RENEW Support Group

Book online to secure your place at the next rALLY support group.

Visit events page for upcoming RENEW groups

Workshops for carers

Eating Disorders Victoria also run a more intensive workshop program for carers called Collaborative Care Skills Building.

Usually run over a number of weeks, the workshop is designed for parents, partners, siblings or friends and is aimed at improving carer’s well being, developing coping strategies and increasing problem solving skills.

This workshop has been developed by Professor Janet Treasure and has been proven reduce carer burden and distress

This workshop runs at different times during the year. To learn more of enquire about the next workshop, please contact the EDV education team at

Resources for carers

Carers that are equipped with knowledge and skills are better placed to support their loved one, as well as themselves.

EDV have compiled a comprehensive range of resources, including factsheets, books, webpages and videos, to support carers in their care giving journey.

Access resources for carers

Ready to start being an empowered carer? Visit EDV’s Resources for Carers page.

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