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This page looks at the impact of our work for people with eating disorders, within the mental health sector and for the wider community.

Annual reports

EDV’s Annual Reports outline the year-to-year progress and achievements of EDV in relation to service delivery and advocacy.

Our annual report for current and previous years is available by clicking on the year you wish to view.

Annual reports


Eating Disorders Victoria engages with key policy makers and stakeholders to help shape policies, which support the cultural changes that are needed to reduce eating disorders in our community.

We have representatives on advisory committees, collaborations and consortia relating to eating disorder treatment services in Victoria and nationally.

Membership of:

  • Advisory committee for the Centre For Excellence in Eating Disorders (CEED)
  • Member of the Eating Disorders Alliance Australia (EDAA)
  • Advisory Committee for Body image and Eating disorders Treatment Recovery Service (BETRS) at the Austin/St Vincent’s Hospital
  • National Eating Disorders Australian Collaboration (NEDC)

Submissions/presentations to:

  • Victorian Government in response to mental health reform
  • Victorian Government in response to the Victorian Eating Disorder Strategy
  • Australia and New Zealand Academy of Eating Disorders (ANZAED) annual conference
  • National Productivity Commission into Mental Health
  • Victorian Royal Commission into Mental Health Services

Research and reports


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