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After 10 years of providing private mental health services at EDV, the decision has been made to close this service. The landscape of private eating disorder treatment has expanded significantly since the opening of the clinic, providing the community with a greater variety of private treatment options. As such, we will be closing this chapter of our organisation in September 2023, and focusing our energy on our range of free support services. If you wish to engage with private psychological support, please contact the EDV Hub for referral options. 

Looking for an eating disorder mental health clinician?

While EDV no longer provides private mental health therapy for eating disorders, we have a range of other support options that you can explore.

Contact the EDV Hub

The EDV Hub is a free and safe service for anyone in Victoria seeking information and support about eating disorders. Our friendly team of volunteers staff the EDV Hub Mon – Fri from 9.30am – 4.30pm. Get in touch if you are looking for:

  • Psychology, mental health or dietetics therapy for eating disorders. Our team can provide you with possible options in the both the public and private health systems.
  • Information or referral to recovery support services offered at EDV.
  • General eating disorder information and support.

Phone 1300 550 236
Webform on this page
Email [email protected]

EDV Telehealth Counselling

EDV Telehealth Counselling is a free support service that is available to any Victorian who is concerned they may be experiencing or currently diagnosed with an eating disorder, as well as those caring for someone with an eating disorder.

Our qualified Counsellors offer an understanding and expert ear to talk to. Counsellors work to understand your unique situation and provide tailored information and support. Counselling sessions are free and are available for up to five, 30-minute sessions.

EDV Telehealth Nurse

The Telehealth Nurse service is a free support service that is available to any Victorian who is experiencing an eating disorder or who is caring for someone with an eating disorder. The Telehealth Nurse service is suitable for people at all stages of the treatment journey. Our Nurses work to:

  • Understand your history, needs and treatment goals
  • Locate specialised eating disorder health professionals relevant to your location and plan next steps of action
  • Provide useful information, support and educational resources

EDV Online Support Groups

EDV currently run a range of online support groups:

  • REACH – for people experiencing restrictive and compensatory behaviours
  • BEYOND – for people experiencing binge eating and compensatory behaviours
  • COSMO – for people experiencing an eating disorder and also having difficulties with other health conditions such as (but not limited to) alcohol or drug use, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, autism.
  • BLOOM – for people in the LGBTIQA+ community experiencing eating disorders
  • VIVA- for people with any eating disorder who identify as being in a larger body
  • rALLY Support Groups for parents and caregivers who are actively involved in the care of someone with an eating disorder (usually a child or young adult)
  • RENEW – for long term care givers who are looking for self-care strategies and support

To learn more and book your place, please see here.

Recovery from an eating disorder

While recovery is a unique experience for everyone, at EDV, we believe that a life free from an eating disorder is achievable for everyone. Learn more about recovery, relapse, stages of change and self-help.

Recovery and relapse
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