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This page provides information on Eating Disorder Victoria’s volunteer programs.

What volunteering opportunities are there with EDV?

EDV offers a variety of opportunities for volunteers: EDV Hub officers, Support Group conveners and Stories of Recovery Ambassadors.

We are currently only recruiting the following volunteers:

  • Stories of Recovery Volunteers – must be recovered for a minimum two years or have lived experience supporting someone with an eating disorder

Why volunteer at EDV?

Volunteering offers great personal and social benefits for individuals and is vital for Eating Disorder Victoria to continue to offer services and support to people with an eating disorder and their families.

Eating Disorders Victoria (EDV) seeks volunteers who are dedicated to working towards a future where the incidence, duration and impacts of all eating disorders are reduced and ultimately eradicated.

We rely heavily on our wonderful volunteer workforce and appreciate the breadth of knowledge and skills that our volunteers bring, helping us to continuously improve our support services.

There are many ways that volunteers work with EDV, such as the EDV Hub, support groups, advocacy activities, and other skilled and administrative activities.

EDV Hub volunteers

EDV Hub volunteers provide information, support and referral services to people experiencing an eating disorder and their families, responding to a variety of telephone, email and face-to-face enquiries.

The Hub is located at the EDV premises in Abbotsford, Victoria. It operates from Monday to Friday between 9.30am and 4.30pm. A commitment of a weekly four-hour shift for a minimum period of 12 months is required (shift times are 9:30am to 1pm or 1pm to 4.30pm).

Volunteers participate in an in-house training course, followed by observations and supervised calls. A three-month probationary period applies. Ongoing training, support and debriefing are provided. If you have had a personal experience with an eating disorder, you must be recovered in order to volunteer.

Please read a copy of the position description: EDV Volunteer (Hub) position description 2020

Stories of Recovery volunteers

If you have recovered from an eating disorder or have cared for someone who has recovered and are willing to share your story, Stories of Recovery is looking for ambassadors. The aim of this program is to educate and raise awareness of eating disorders and to offer hope and inspiration that recovery is possible for everyone. Ambassadors participate in an in-house training course, and are provided with ongoing support and debriefing.

If you have had a personal experience with an eating disorder, you must be recovered for a minimum two years in order to be an ambassador.

Please read a copy of the position description: EDV Volunteer (SOR Ambassador) position description 2020


If you have another skill set that may be used for various organisational activities and initiatives, please get in touch with us as edv@eatingdisorders.org.au for a conversation.

Apply to volunteer

Interested in helping out?

Please note that we are currently only looking for volunteers for our Stories of Recovery program. If you are interested in volunteering for the EDV Hub, please check in with us later in the year.

Once you have read the position description, please fill out the volunteer application form along with a copy of your resume and two references. Please ensure you check above which roles are currently available and ensure you are suitable before applying. If we are currently not recruiting volunteers, please check back in with us at a later date. 

Due high demand of applications, we endeavour to acknowledge applications within four weeks; however, we are unable to interview everyone interested. Reference checks, working with children checks and police checks apply.

1 Step 1Contact Details
2 Step 2Availability
3 Step 3Qualifications
4 Step 4Lived Experience
  • Step 1: Contact details

Volunteer training and recruitment

EDV generally recruits volunteers once or twice a year or on an as-need basis, so opportunities for volunteering can be limited and are subject to availability.

All volunteers go through a comprehensive internal training program followed by an observation period, supervised period and three month probationary period. Ongoing training and support is provided.

Please note due to the high demand of applications, we are unable to interview everyone interested in volunteering. Volunteers are shortlisted and applicants are offered an interview. Reference checks, working with children checks, police checks and wellness criteria also apply.

Volunteer application process:

  • Submit the volunteer application form along with a copy of your resume and two references. You will receive notification of receipt of your application & advised of the next intake.
  • Applications are shortlisted. Suitable applicants are offered an interview; unsuitable applicants are advised via email.
  • Those successful at interview stage are invited to attend training. Those that are unsuitable will be notified.
  • Participate in an observation period.
  • Post observation meeting to determine suitability for ongoing volunteering.
  • Volunteer role offered.
  • Three month probationary period.
  • Ongoing duties.

Student placements

Unfortunately EDV is currently unable to support students required to complete formal placements as part of their degree. Any future opportunities will always be advertised on our website and in our eNewsletter.

If you’re interested in working in the field of eating disorders, you may like to learn more about volunteering at EDV or see if any job vacancies are available.

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