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This page discusses ways that you can fundraise on behalf of Eating Disorders Victoria.

Why fundraise for or donate to Eating Disorders Victoria?

Eating Disorders Victoria (EDV) is the only community-based organisation in Victoria providing information and support services to Victorians experiencing eating disorders, loved ones and friends, health professionals and the broader community.

By fundraising or donating to EDV, you are helping people with an eating disorder and their families to access:

  • EDV Hub – helpline service providing information, navigation and general support.
  • Telehealth Counselling that provides 1:1 psychological support via phone and video call
  • Telehealth Nurse service that provides tailored support to navigate treatment options
  • Online Support Groups that provide an open space to reflect on current challenges and discuss coping tools with others
  • Peer Mentoring Program providing 1:1 recovery support with an EDV mentor who has experienced and recovered from an eating disorder. The world-leading program allows for 13 mentoring sessions over a six month period.
  • Severe and Enduring Eating Disorders Program providing holistic, intensive support for those with eating disorders for 10+ years
  • Carer and Family Support for carer specific services including Carer Coaching and online courses.
  • LearnED eLearning platform providing self-paced education and online courses
  • EDV Podcast providing lived experience perspectives and professional insights
  • EDV Newsletters providing recovery support delivered directly to your inbox each mont
  • Ambassador Program that trains and supports people with lived experience to share their recovery story in a variety of settings (eg. hospitals, universities, professional groups)

Ready to make a difference with a donation?

Direct donations can be once-off or on a more regular basis. Donations are a simple and impactful way to make an immediate impact to our services here at EDV. Please follow the link below to head to a direct donation page.

Direct donation

Keen to start fundraising? Start here first.

This possibilities for fundraising are endless. We have provided a list of potential fundraising ideas below, but before you begin, there’s a couple of things to do first.

Contact EDV with your fundraising proposal.

It’s important for EDV to be aware of fundraisers that are occurring in the community to ensure they comply with fundraising regulations. When we have approved your fundraiser, you will be sent a fundraising agreement form that can be used to support your event with vendors and suppliers. We can also provide approval to use our logo and other collateral that may be of use.

Get in touch with us at [email protected], and request for your enquiry to be sent to the fundraising team.

Ensure that holding a fundraiser is suitable for you.

Often people who have been affected by eating disorders, whether personally or through a loved one, feel the desire to give back through fundraising. This is a wonderful gift and a powerful way to raise awareness. At EDV, our priority is to ensure the wellness and ongoing recovery of our community. Please check in with yourself to ensure you are in a place where you are mentally and physically well enough to fundraise. If you are actively going through recovery, we ask that you to channel your energy into the recovery process before committing to holding an EDV fundraiser.

Fundraising ideas

Want to fundraise on behalf of EDV but not sure where to start? Here are some ideas.

Fundraise in celebration

In lieu of gifts on your birthday, at Christmas, for your wedding or any other celebration, you could ask your friends and family to instead make a donation to EDV.

You can set up your own fundraising page for EDV by creating a ‘Crowdraiser’ via GiveNow, or encourage people to donate to EDV directly.

You can also set up a Facebook fundraiser for your family and friends to donate directly through.

Join a fun run

Or walk, or swim, or climb! There are plenty of events across Victoria that allow you to get out there in your community and raise money for the charity of your choice. Most established events will have a fundraising page that you can set up and select EDV as your cause.

Please note: if you are in recovery, we advise that you consult with your treatment team before joining in exercise-based events.

Give something up

Can’t get off social media? Always wondered what you’d look like with a shaved head? Terrified at the idea of getting through the day without a coffee? Why not challenge yourself by giving up something for a month and getting your friends and family to support you?

Host an event

Whether it’s a sausage sizzle at Bunnings, a bake sale at your local school, a morning tea at work or a movie night with popcorn at your local community centre — throwing an event for your friends, family and the wider community is a great way to fundraise.

Extra tips and tricks

Here are some pointers to make sure you reach the most amount of people you can and raise as much money to go towards EDV’s life-changing work for people living with eating disorders.

  1. Holding a raffle or competition at your fundraising event can really boost fundraising amounts. Ask local businesses in your area to consider donating an item to be won and tell them you’ll display their logo at your event. It’s good PR for them and prizes to raffle off for you!
  2. It always helps to tell people a bit about the cause you’re supporting so make sure you read up about EDV beforehand. Tell them that by supporting you, they are helping people who live with a serious and often misunderstood mental illness to have the best chance at recovery.  Read our About Us page here.
  3. Advertising is key. Make sure you flood your social media channels with information, updates, photos and anything you can to build hype. If you are going to fundraise in celebration, make sure you give your wedding/birthday party guests plenty of notice about your wishes (before they buy you a present!). Pop it on the invite and include the link to your fundraising page.
  4. Take photos at your event or on your fun run and share it on social media, so the people who supported you can see it.Remember to thank everyone and let everyone know how much money you were able to raise and how much that will help people living with an eating disorder.
  5. Get your friends and family involved! Having a support crew to help you put on your fundraising event will not only make it easier — it will be more fun too!

Thank you for choosing to fundraise for Eating Disorders Victoria!

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