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Stories of Recovery

Stories of Recovery is a program where our trained Ambassadors who have recovered from an eating disorder or who have cared for someone who has recovered will come and share their story with others.

The aim of Stories of Recovery is to educate and raise awareness of eating disorders and to offer hope and inspiration that recovery is possible for everyone.

Role of the Speaker

There is increasing recognition that the ‘lived experience’ is valuable both as a source of support for people still suffering and as a tool to increase awareness and improve education around the prevention and early intervention of eating disorders. Ambassadors are trained and supported to tell their stories, answer questions and express opinions from their particular perspective.

There are a variety of settings in which people can share their experience including:

  • Hospital Visiting Program – inpatient, day patient & out patient
  • Media Enquiries
  • Community Awareness Events
  • Education Workshops
  • Professional Development Sessions


There is a fee of $150 for compensation to the Ambassador for giving up their time to present. This covers a one hour speaking session with the Ambassador who is accompanied with an EDV support staff.


If you would like to enquire about an a Stories of Recovery Speaker, please fill out the below form.

For more information please contact EDV on 1300 550 236,


Please fill out the below form and we’ll be in touch with you regarding your request.

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