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The page provides information for health professionals who work with people affected by eating disorders. It includes specific information about EDV’s RACGP accredited training options for General Practitioners (GPs).

RACGP accredited training for GPs

“I learnt so much from this session and have been able to use it with my patients already. Hopefully I am now not missing patients which I am sure I did in the past.” – Victorian GP

General Practitioners (GPs) are the first point of call for people who feel they or a loved one may have an eating disorder. However, eating disorders are extremely complex mental illnesses that require some level of specialist knowledge to ensure symptoms are not confused with other conditions.

EDV offer two training options to GPs and other non-specialised health practitioners to help in the diagnosis and treatment of eating disorders.

Eating Disorders: Early Intervention and Community Treatment.

RACGP and ACRRM accredited
Cat 1, 40 CPD points
6.5 hours
$453.20 incl. GST

This is an activity-based training featuring a panel of experts as well as people with a lived experience of an eating disorder. Learning outcomes include:

  • Coordinate care for a person with an eating disorder with specialist services and community providers.
  • Evaluate the signs and symptoms of the different types of eating disorders.
  • Support patient engagement and disclosure for patients with an undiagnosed eating disorder.
  • Implement the use of HEADDS and SCOFF screening tools.
  • Assess the clinical risks associated with eating disorders.

To comply with RACGP and ACRRM points and allocation, predisposing and reinforcing activities must be completed pre- and post-attendance at this event.

Want to learn more?

EDV run the Eating Disorders: Early Intervention and Community Treatment training at different times throughout the year. Please see our events page to find out when the next training is taking place. For more information, please contact our Education team.

Recognising eating disorders in general practice

RACGP online learning
Cat 2
2 CPD points
2 hours
Free with RACGP membership

General Practitioners registered with the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners have access to this accredited online training. Areas covered include:

  • Description of the spectrum of disordered eating behaviours and their consequences
  • Explanation of the factors contribute to the development of eating disorders and how to use this knowledge to identify patients at higher risk
  • Discussion on how to improve early recognition of eating disorders through identification of disordered eating behaviours and screening tools
  • Suggestions on communication techniques that support patient engagement and disclosure of disordered eating
  • Brief outline of interventions and treatment options pathways

Complete online

Log-in to RACGP online learning to access this online learning module.

RACGP online learning
Why it’s so important for GPs to respond to warning signs of an eating disorder

Reproduced with permission from The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners. gplearning activity – Recognising eating disorders in general practice. East Melbourne, Vic: RACGP, 2016. Available at http://gplearning.racgp.org.au

Contact the Education team

For more information about EDV’s RACGP accredited training programs for GPs, please contact our Education team using the contact form below.

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