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This page explains the initiative known as the Body Project Australia. It outlines what the program is about and how you can get involved.

About the Body Project Australia

Body Project Australia is a dissonance-based early intervention program for young women aged 14-18 years who experience body dissatisfaction.

The program is an adapted version of The Body Project, an evidence-based program that has been delivered to young women worldwide.

The program aims to decrease the extent to which young women ‘buy into’ societal appearance ideals by voluntarily engaging them in a series of verbal, written and behavioural exercises. The program is suitable for students who identify themselves as being dissatisfied with their body, and may be engaging in dieting and disordered eating behaviours.

The program is:

  • A four-week program delivered over consecutive weeks
  • Sessions are 1.5 hours in duration (or a double period)
  • Designed to be delivered to a group of up to 12 young people
  • Delivered by EDV trained facilitators
  • Delivered during or after school hours

Did you know?

The Body Project Australia was developed through a partnership with the Body Project Collaborative. The Body Project Collaborative has over 15 years of international research, with 3.5 million people in 25 countries having participated in some form of the Body Project.

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How can you get involved?

There are two avenues for delivery of the Body Project Australia program available. You can seek out EDV trained facilitators to run the program for your organisation or group. Alternatively, you can become a facilitator yourself and run the sessions in your community.

EDV deliver the Body Project Australia in your school or community group

Eating Disorders Victoria will send two trained facilitators to your school or youth organisation to run the group-based program with your students.

The program is delivered by two trained facilitators for approximately 1.5 hours each week, over four weeks and can include up to 12 students.

Please contact the education team at [email protected] for school and community group pricing options.

Facilitator training program
2 days in person or 5 weeks online

Become an accredited Body Project Australia facilitator. This training will give you the full syllabus to run the program, including detailed scripts. Ideal for psychologists, dietitians, mental health workers, nurses, leaders at councils, youth organisations and schools who wish to deliver the program multiple times in their local community. Facilitator training is offered as a two days in person or 5 week online program.

EDV run Body Project Australia facilitator training at different times throughout the year. Please see our events page to find out when the next training is taking place or contact our Education team at [email protected].

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