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This is media release from Eating Disorders Victoria (EDV). For best practice advice for reporting or communicating about eating disorders, please refer to the Mindframe Media Guidelines on eating disorders.

"Status quo" disappointing for Eating Disorders Victoria in Victorian Budget 2023/24

May 23rd, 2023

The Victorian Government has provided no further uplift to existing services at Eating Disorders Victoria (EDV) in today’s 2023/24 State Budget. The 12-month funding is $1.6million less than the $4million per year proposed by EDV, and well short of the three-year funding commitment also requested by the organisation. 

EDV’s CEO Belinda Caldwell was present at today’s Special Interest Group briefing by Premier, The Hon. Daniel Andrews MP and Assistant Treasurer, Hon. Danny Pearson MP. 

“While we are relieved not to have lost any funding, we are once again in a 12-month cycle of uncertainty. This is not only frustrating for the operation of EDV and our staff, but for our community, who rely on us for expert and lived experience led support. Victorians with eating disorders deserve to know that there is long-term stability in the support available to them – they didn’t get that today,” Belinda said. 

The 12-month continuation of funding for EDV sits alongside new government investment into the Adult Eating Disorders Residential Centre at the Alfred. The centre has been provided with four years of operational funding, following co-investment from the federal and state government to support the centre’s construction.  

“We welcome operational funding for this residential centre and see it as a valuable additional support for our adult treatment system. However, it’s no secret that we are in an eating disorder crisis in this state, and the crisis is not abating. The status-quo for EDV simply doesn’t cut it, which is why we feel this is a shortsighted decision from the government. 

We know that the Minister for Mental Health shares our concern about the devastating impacts of eating disorders on individuals and their loved ones. We now eagerly await the Victorian Eating Disorder Strategy, which presents a second chance for the government to make a meaningful commitment to eating disorders with appropriate, long-term investment,” continued Belinda.

Victoria’s new Eating Disorder Strategy, developed by the Department of Health in partnership with EDV and the Centre of Excellence in Eating Disorders (CEED), is expected to be handed down in August 2023.  


For further information, please contact Breanna Guterres, Director Communications on 0431 717 177 or [email protected] 

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