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EDV is excited to be working with Eating Disorders Families Australia to bring the highly regarded TBT-S training to Melbourne in Feb 2023, led by Dr. Laura Hill and Dr. Stephanie Knatz-Peck.

What is TBT-S?

TBT-S, or Temperament-Based Therapy for Eating Disorders with Family Support, is a treatment approach that recognizes the important role that family and caregivers play in the recovery process of individuals with eating disorders. It uses experiential therapy to help individuals understand how their eating disorder symptoms are related to their temperament, which includes factors such as biology, brain functioning, genetics, and personality traits.

The training for TBT-S is highly regarded and has been described as engaging and thought-provoking by those who have participated in it. Many clinicians have also reported that it is some of the best professional development they have ever taken.

For an easy to understand explainer or TBT-S, we recommend visiting this page from the InsideOut Institute.

How to get involved

  • 1-day Level One training on Monday, February 20th in Abbotsford is an introduction to the TBT-S model and provides an overview of the approach.
  • 4-day Level Two training, which takes place from February 20-23, includes the 1-day introductory training and an additional 3 days of training on-site at EDV. This provides participants with the opportunity to tour the EDV office meet the team.
  • For clinicians who have previously completed the 4-day training, there is also a 3-day refresher option available from February 21-23.

Laura and Stephanie will also be conducting a separate half-day workshop for caregivers on Saturday, February 18th in Southbank. Please refer clients HERE to book.

Live more than 90 minutes from Melbourne or unable to participate in in-person events? Live streaming is available. Please contact [email protected] for more information. For more information about the training in general, please visit https://edfa.org.au/clinicians/tbt-s/.

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