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Home ~ News ~ Reflecting on 2019 – Belinda Caldwell, EDV CEO

Thank you for a wonderful 2019

As the year draws to close for EDV and our community, it is time to gratefully acknowledge the huge contribution of our community, volunteers, board, staff and partners.

EDV’s 55 volunteers largely make EDV what it is – the helpful voice on the end of the phone, the beacon of hope as Stories of Recovery Ambassador’s at our inpatient/day programs, caring facilitators at our support groups, diligent contributors to our education programs and policy. All of our volunteers are cheerful, kind and add a lovely vibe to our office. Those who have recovered from an eating disorder are passionate and brave, putting themselves out there for others to scrutinize and draw strength from. Thank you all!

Another often forgotten volunteer group is the EDV Board who imbue this organisation with a vision for what our organisation needs to deliver for Victorians with an eating disorder and their families, drawn from their own experiences of caring, the health system, marketing, finance and more. And they follow up this vision with an energy and time commitment which often exceeds what could reasonably be expected. Thank you all!

A key group of our staff are our peer mentors who epitomise what it is to be in recovery and supporting those with an eating disorder. Watching the relationships between mentors and mentees develop and grow through the thoughtful wellness planning, sharing of lived experience and trying new things, is a joy to see. Thank you all!

The staff of EDV have been through significant changes this year internally with the departure of long time CEO Jennifer Beveridge and Client Service Manager Kelly Edwards having a delightful baby Piper Jeanne. The sense of team at EDV is such that these changes have been largely effortless, with all staff going above and beyond to contribute to a culture of passion for eating disorders, generosity and fun. Thank you all!

EDV is also indebted to the many contributions of partners who work collaboratively with us to improve our work and the journey of those with an eating disorders and their families. This year has seen us work closely with the Butterfly Foundation, the Victorian Centre of Excellence in Eating Disorders, Eating Disorders Families Australia, Swinburne University, Eating Disorders Queensland, La Trobe University, TANDEM and many many more – you all know who you are! Thank you all!

Finally, I want to thank our “tribe” of people with an eating disorder and families (by birth or choice) – you support us by letting us know what works or is needed, come to our events, donate generously to our cause and keep us connected and accountable.  Thank you all!

May 2020 be a year of joy, growth, recovery, connection and gratitude.

My best,

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