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Home ~ News ~ Independent MP Zoe Daniel calls for greater eating disorder investment

Independent MP Zoe Daniel calls for greater eating disorder investment

We commend and thank Zoe Daniel and fellow federal independent members for shining a national spotlight on this issue.

Since the start of the pandemic, eating disorder presentations and demand for hospital services have increased dramatically. This was on top of at least 10 years of rising eating disorder cases, particularly in young people.

Since 2020, EDV have been funded to deploy innovative community services to help address some of the growing demand. Services like Telehealth Counselling, Telehealth Nurses, Carer Coaching, the SE-ED Program, Online Support Groups, have all become core business for EDV and our community.

We are extremely concerned that these services, which account for 75% of our funding, are only guaranteed until June 2023.

It’s not just our hospital services that need greater investment, it’s our community services too. Community services can be highly effective in getting people help early, preventing people from needing to end up in the hospital system and supporting those who are not eligible for hospital services.

Where to from here?

It’s important for Victorians to know that there is enormous passion and expertise in the eating disorder sector. We all want to see significant investment and improvement in the entire system of care.

Currently, the Department of Health is working in partnership with EDV, CEED and a large range of stakeholders to develop a new Victorian Eating Disorder Strategy. Alongside this, a new National Eating Disorder Strategy is being developed. Both are expected to be finalised by June 2023. We expect these strategies will provide a robust, evidence-based roadmap for investment in Victoria and federally.

The Victorian strategy has involved wide consultation with the lived experience community. We want to say a huge thank you to all those who have bravely put their hand up to speak and share their experiences with the hope of building a better system.

In the lead up to the Victorian election, we asked both major political parties to commit to funding the roll-out of the Victorian Eating Disorder Strategy upon its completion. Neither party responded to this commitment.

We have a long way to go to improve outcomes for ALL Victorians impacted by eating disorders. But we are hopeful for change, and hopeful that the political will to implement change will meet this moment.

In the meantime, if you or someone you care about is experiencing an eating disorder, please get in touch with us.

How EDV can help guide and support your recovery

  • EDV Hub – helpline service providing information, navigation and general support. Open Mon – Fri, 9.30am – 4.30pm.
  • Telehealth Counselling –  up to five, free 30-45 minute sessions with a trained counsellor to help you take the next step in your recovery. Whether you are just starting to seek help, are on a waitlist for treatment or are wanting to re-engage with support after relapse, EDV’s understanding Counselling team are here to support you. Carers and families are also encouraged to speak to EDV Telehealth Counsellors. 
  • Telehealth Nurse – free and expert guidance with registered nurses who specialise in eating disorders. Nurses listen to your unique circumstance and help you navigate and access specialised eating disorder services. Nurses can also support clients and health professionals around medical management for eating disorders.
  • Online Support Groups – peer-led groups that provide an open space to discuss what you are struggling with, reflect on current challenges and discuss coping tools. Different groups are available depending on your needs. You are welcome to attend multiple groups. 
  • Peer Mentoring Program – 1:1 recovery support with an EDV mentor who has experienced and recovered from an eating disorder. The program allows for 13 mentoring sessions over a six month period.
  • Carer and Family Support – carer specific services including Carer Coaching and online courses.
  • LearnED eLearning platform – for self-paced education and online courses
  • EDV Podcast – for lived experience perspectives and professional insights
  • EDV Newsletters – for recovery support delivered directly to your inbox each mont
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