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Corporate sponsorship

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Partner and sponsorship opportunities

EDV offers a number of sponsorship and partnership opportunities to partner with us.

The following opportunities are available for engagement with EDV, our staff, donors, supporters and communities:

  • Fundraising events
  • Health and education opportunities
  • Community events/activities
  • Workplace giving
  • Necessary projects for EDV
  • EDV service

Sponsoring an EDV event or program provides an opportunity to align your organisation with a well-respected Victorian brand, while reaching and engaging with a range of different target audiences that is mutually beneficial for both organisations.

In return, EDV can offer acknowledgment in collateral related to the event and/or activity such as promotions, programs, table and audio vision brand acknowledgment.

The partnership would also be promoted to the EDV community through the following channels:

  • Media and industry publications
  • EDV’s twice yearly members newsletter
  • Monthly e-news to staff, volunteers, corporate partners and health specialists
  • Annual Report
  • Website
  • Branding opportunities

How you can support EDV

There are many different ways to support EDV, ranging from financial and sponsorship to in-kind support and volunteering. Or you can support us through a combination of options to meet your organisation’s needs.

We are always in need of in-kind support ranging from marketing and video content, media assets, public relations, promotional campaign and service support to further support people with eating disorders.

We can work with you

Matched giving

We will promote your matched giving program widely on our different marketing channels. By promoting EDV through your matched giving program and leveraging the passion that your staff already have for making a difference, you can show your support for their efforts while increasing the impact of their donations at the same time. What has also worked well in the past, is when companies match donations made through their employees work place giving.

Education and awareness in your workplace

Engaging EDV to run education and awareness sessions can improve the health of your staff and demonstrate your commitment to their wellbeing. A tailored education workshop, awareness-raising sessions and campaign driven awareness-activities can help your employees better understand body image and eating disorders, recognise the signs, and know how to support someone who might need help.

Fundraising support

Whether it’s setting up a workplace team to take part in a fun run and fundraising for EDV or hosting a morning tea, fundraising is a great way to engage your staff and community. Because eating disorders and body image are issues that affect a large proportion of our community, we find that many people like to give back by supporting our fundraising campaigns.


EDV occasionally has skilled or project-based volunteering opportunities, such as graphic design projects or marketing projects. Skilled volunteering opportunities are rewarding for staff and also boost the capacity of EDV.

How will you benefit from supporting EDV?

Eating disorders don’t discriminate. Did you know 1 in 20 people are affected by an eating disorder? In fact, there could be people working in your organisation who themselves are struggling with an eating disorder or have a loved one or friend with an eating disorder.

By supporting EDV, you’ll be putting into practice your values as a good corporate citizen and helping to break down the barriers of mental health. You might also help someone realise that they need help and it’s good to support them through this journey.

The more people talk about eating disorders, the more apparent it becomes that eating disorders touch so many people’s lives.

“My younger sister has anorexia. She’s a twin. It’s hard on the whole family. As siblings, it’s different from parents – it does affect us in a different way, and it’s hard to know what our role really is in supporting her. You need to be more of a friend than a carer. It’s hard to sometimes find the balance between those two things.” – Georgia – EDV Volunteer

There are a number of benefits associated with sponsoring Eating Disorders Victoria, including:

  • Build a reputation for being a socially responsible organisation that cares about its staff and community
  • Building complementary brand associations through specific EDV programs and activities, including schools, fitness, health and medical sectors

Contact us

If you are interested in learning more about sponsorship opportunities at EDV, we would love to hear from you!

Please get in touch with us at [email protected] and ask to be put in touch with the fundraising team.

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