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This page outlines current campaigns and advocacy opportunities underway at EDV.

Ongoing funding for EDV

At EDV, we will continue to advocate for the needs of our community. However, 75% of our services are at risk post June 30 2023.

EDV is calling for funding of $4 million per year for 3 years.

Funding will scale proven programs, increase early intervention, support broader system training and development and provide organisational certainty that is vital for staffing and service planning.

EDV is the only state-wide, eating disorder specific organisation providing trusted guidance and support services to the 334,000+ Victorians with eating disorders and their carers and families. Current funding arrangements allow EDV to reach just 4% of the eating disorder affected population, highlighting significant underinvestment in EDV services.

Despite this, EDV has developed scalable services that are well positioned to connect and support all levels of our eating disorder system of care. This includes:

Increased investment in EDV is a prudent step in scaffolding Victoria’s reformed mental health system. EDV can work with Local and Area Mental Health Services to support referral pathways, workforce capability (including peer workforce development), and to trial and innovate novel responses to eating disorders.

We are calling for EDV’s current fragmented funding model to be replaced by stable, multi-year investment that adequately meets the needs of our system and our community. Without this stability, EDV is unable to build the workforce and organisational capacity required to deliver effective community services that relieve and support the broader system of care.

For those who would like to use their voice to help our government respond to our call for long-term, increased funding, we encourage you to contact your key parliamentary representatives: 

Your local state representative – Find details here 

Victorian Minister for Mental Health, the Hon Gabrielle Williams
Ministerial Email: [email protected]
Ministerial Phone: (03) 9096 8587 

Victorian Premier, the Hon Daniel Andrews
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 03 9651 5000  

2022 Victorian Election

Thank you for your support of our 2022 Victorian Election campaign. We look forward to working with the re-elected Labor Government on prioritising support for Victorians experiencing eating disorders, their carers, families and friends.

Here is what we asked for in the lead up to the Victorian Election:

Eating Disorders Victoria (EDV) seeks two key commitments during the 2022 Victorian election to ensure eating disorders are addressed as a priority in our mental health system:

  1.  Commitment to fully fund the implementation of the Victorian Eating Disorders Strategy.
  2. Commitment to fund EDV to meet community need through a long-term, stable funding model.

EDV’s Election Statement

Read EDV’s 2022 Election Commitments in full.

Download here

Royal Commission into Victoria's Mental Health System

EDV Submissions


The final report from the Royal Commission into Victoria’s Mental Health System is now available.

The Commissioners made 65 recommendations in the final report and the 9 recommendations in the interim report. You can view the final report and the recommendations here.

You can read EDV’s response to the final report here.

Reform and implementation

The Victorian Government is now responsible for the implementation of the recommendations in the final report. Community consultation will continue to be an important part of the reform process. As per the Victorian Government website:

“The Victorian Government is committed to engagement with the community and key stakeholders on the significant reform journey ahead. This includes people with lived experience of mental illness or psychological distress, and their families, carers and supporters.

For more information about opportunities to contribute to our reform work please contact [email protected].”

Consumer and Carer Consultation

Consumers and Carers/Families/Friends wishing to contribute to the reform process are encouraged to sign up to the Lived Experience Participation Registers through the Victorian Mental Illness Awareness Council (VMIAC) and Tandem.

The Lived Experience Participation Registers allow those with lived experience to engage in activities arising from the implementation of the Royal Commission recommendations. Opportunities to contribute may be through:

  • focus groups
  • committees
  • advisory groups
  • project development working groups and evaluations, and
  • at conferences and events.

VMIAC are the peak non-government organisation for people with direct lived experience of mental health issues or emotional distress. VMIAC administer a Consumer Register, an avenue where people with lived experience of mental or emotional distress can be part of policy and service development in the mental health sector.

Sign up to the VMIAC Consumer Register here.


Tandem is the peak body representing family and friends supporting people living with mental health issues. Tandem administer the Participation Register those who have previously or are currently supporting someone with mental health challenges. Participants use their lived experience as a carer/family member to improve the Mental Health and Wellbeing System and the experience of families and carers within it.

Sign up to Tandem’s Participation Register here.

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