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This page contains information about BIEDAW 2020.

BIEDAW 2020 #NotWhatYouThink

Body Image and Eating Disorders Awareness Week (BIEDAW) 2020 will take place from Sept 6 -12

This year for BIEDAW we’re highlighting all the ways that eating disorders defy the stereotypes, with the campaign theme #NotWhatYouThink. We’re especially keen to highlight the complexity of eating disorder experiences in light of COVID-19 and the impact it’s had on people experiencing eating disorders and their families. We know that everyone’s experience is unique, and that there’s so much more than meets the eye when it comes to eating disorders.

“We know how difficult this time has been for many in our community. We’ve seen a 27% increase in contacts to our Hub service, and have experienced enormous demand for our COVID related services, such as online support groups. We want everyone in our community to know this BIEDAW that we hear you, we see you, and we’re available to support you.”
– Belinda Caldwell, EDV CEO

From our community

This BIEDAW we want to give a platform to those who want to change public perceptions about eating disorders, either through sharing personal lived experience or expert knowledge. We look forward to sharing these stories, including:

  • Reflections on #NotWhatYouThink from members of our Lived Experience Community
  • Video interviews with individuals with lived experience that present their unique eating disorder experience
  • Instagram Q&As with EDV ambassador Stefan who has recovered from an eating disorder, and a psychologist who specialises in treating eating disorders
  • Stories of Recovery sessions, recorded live during the COVID lockdown

Rachel’s experience of ARFID

In this interview, Rachel speaks of her diagnosis, the challenges in seeking help for her eating disorder, seeking out treatment through self-referral, fostering self-compassion, finding her identity along the recovery journey and why eating disorders are #NotWhatYouThink. Rachel’s shares her story with great insight and humour.


Lill's story - there is no ‘look’ and no ‘size’ to an eating disorder

I was never given the blueprint for body respect and a healthy relationship with food growing up. In fact, because I live in a larger body, my desire to lose weight was encouraged, celebrated and my eating disorder was left untreated. Eating disorders are a mental illness. They have nothing to do with physical appearance.  

Lill's story

Stephanie's story - claiming my mind and body back

Recovery is not a linear progression. Recovery is a roller coaster of emotions, hate and love, suffering and relief, tears of fear and tears of joy whilst I stare at myself in the mirror, conflicted with feelings of shame and pride. Recovery is the journey to finding yourself again and claiming your mind and your body back from the devil that stole it

Stephanie's story

Nikki's story - no such thing as not 'sick enough'

I’m sad that I spent so long making myself ill without getting help. I was worthy of care and assistance to get well again. I hope others experiencing a similar situation will acknowledge they too deserve and should seek help.

Nikki's story

Sumedha's story - I see her

For me, recovery has been silent, loud, tough, testing, enriching. The fuller I become in body and in spirit, the more I find my mind thinking of the women of my childhood. Solid, full, proud. Large, unwavering, profound.

Sumedha's story

Emma's story - relapsing forward

Relapses happen, but they don’t erase all progress. I want you to know that a backward step helps every forward movement; regardless of where you fall, full recovery is possible.

Emma's story

Get involved

We’d love for you to get involved with BIEDAW 2020. There’s a number of ways to show your support for the week.

Get lived experience stories and videos directly to your inbox everyday this week. Opt-in to receive these inspiring stories:


Don’t forget to also:
  • Following EDV on facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn and sharing our posts
  • Using the tags #NotWhatYouThink #BIEDAW2020 and tagging @eatingdisordersvictoria on your social media
  • Utilizing the collateral provided below

BIEDAW collateral


Thanks to Gippsland PHN and the Butterfly Foundation for supporting EDV’s BIEDAW 2020 activities.

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