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This page contains information about BIEDAW 2019.


Body Image and Eating Disorders Awareness Week (BIEDAW) takes place each year during the first week of September. Join our conversation online, or get involved in one of our special events.

Join the conversation online

Did you know that approximately 1 in 20 Australians are currently experiencing a diagnosable eating disorder? Chances are everyone knows someone who has been affected by an eating disorder.

That’s why this #BIEDAW we’re talking about how #EatingDisordersAffectEveryone. ED’s are not just an issue for teenage girls, for people of a certain BMI or weight, or for people of a particular socioeconomic or cultural background. Eating disorders don’t discriminate. We’d love to hear from you guys about your experiences around body image and eating disorders. If you feel comfortable sharing your story or experience, please join in the convo at #EatingDisordersAffectEveryone #1in20 #BIEDAW2019

Stories of Recovery: Facebook Live Sept 3rd

Hear from an EDV Stories of Recovery Ambassador on a facebook live broadcast!

Scheduled for 8pm on Tuesday Sept 3rd, you will hear directly from an EDV Ambassador about their path to recovery. You can ask questions and add comments throughout the broadcast.

We’ve made this a live event so that it is free and accessible to as many people as possible during Body Image and Eating Disorders Awareness Week.

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'Sense-ability: Sensory Approaches and Eating Disorders.' An EDV workshop for carers.

Join us for an educational and light-hearted evening looking at using sensory approaches for our loved one and ourselves; learn about how sensory input can be used to change how we feel.

There is increasing interest in the use of sensory approaches (SA) in the field of eating disorders. SA are a person-centred, recovery-oriented and trauma-informed interventions that are frequently utilised in mental health given the non-invasive, self-directive and empowering nature of these approaches.

Increased self-awareness, ability to self-nurture, resilience, self-esteem and body image, ability to engage in therapeutic activities, self-care activities, meaningful life roles, and social activities, and ability to cope with triggers are outcomes associated with SA.​


  • How can we as carers support our loved ones with an eating disorder using a range of sensory approaches?
  • How can we as carers use a range of sensory approaches to build our own carer resilience and distress management?

WHEN: Wed Sept 4th 7pm – 9pm
WHERE: EDV, Level 2 Collingwood Football Club Community Centre, Cnr Abbot and Lulie Streets, Abbotsford
COST: $20 ($18)

Guest presenter:

Alex Hillman is an Occupational Therapist working as a senior clinician and eating disorders coordinator in a public mental health adult community setting in Melbourne, Victoria. Alex also works as a lecturer in Occupational Therapy at Deakin University.

As an OT Alex has a strong interest in the use of sensory approaches in mental health, and has worked in various mental health settings practicing this approach, as well as being involved in research projects exploring the client and clinician experience of sensory approaches.

More recently Alex’s practice has had an increased focus working with people experiencing an eating disorder, and their families. In this work the potential for sensory approaches to be used to support current evidence-based treatment and recovery goals for those experiencing an eating disorder has become evident and Alex has begun to explore this in her own practice.​

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