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This is a media release from Eating Disorders Victoria (EDV). For best practice advice for reporting or communicating about eating disorders, please refer to the Mindframe Media Guidelines on eating disorders.

Eating Disorders Victoria Secures Vital Multi-Year Funding to Address Eating Disorders Crisis in 2024/5 Victorian State Budget 

May 7th 2024 

Eating Disorders Victoria (EDV) welcomes the announcement of the 2024/5 Victorian State Budget, which includes the allocation of $2.6 million per year over three years for EDV to support more Victorians impacted by these serious mental illnesses. This funding is part of a broader $30.7million investment into eating disorders in the 2024/5 budget.

 “We are relieved that the Victorian government has heeded our call for increased investment in the work of Eating Disorders Victoria. Eating disorder presentations to our public health services are on track to be at their highest in 2024, above the explosion in cases we saw during the pandemic. This funding is vital in giving us a chance to keep up with demand and take proactive steps to diversify our reach,” EDV CEO Belinda Caldwell said.  

Funding will support EDV to enhance existing services, increasing the knowledge, skills and hope of individuals and families throughout their recovery journey. Importantly, the funding certainty over three years provides EDV with the stability and certainty to effectively plan and deliver services.  

In addition, EDV commends the Victorian Government for its commitment to prioritising the wellbeing of Victorians impacted by eating disorders in this budget more broadly. Multiyear funding for new initiatives include:

  • A new regional day program for eating disorders (location to be determined)  
  • 10 eating disorder early intervention professionals in communities that need them most  
  • A new in-home intensive and early engagement and treatment program for young people and families delivered by two health services  
  • Additional bed-based support at Melbourne Health, Austin Health and Monash Health  

This funding is an encouraging foundation for the release of the Victorian Eating Disorders Strategy and represents a significant step forward in addressing the systemic underinvestment that has plagued the eating disorder sector. The Strategy, which was completed in 2023 and designed to guide investment into the eating disorder sector, is expected to be released later this year.  

 As EDV prepares to embark on this next stage of our journey with the support of the Victorian Government, we want to acknowledge the ongoing advocacy of those with lived experience of eating disorders, their loved ones and supporters, health professionals, and key politicians who have been instrumental in supporting this outcome.  

 “While today’s announcement is a good outcome for the team at EDV, it is really a win for the many thousands of Victorians who rely on our services and those who will now be able to access them in the future. We know that the support offered at EDV can be life changing for individuals and families, and we are so pleased that more Victorians will have the opportunity to engage with this support in the years to come,” Ms. Caldwell said.  



For further information and media inquiries, please contact:  

Breanna Guterres
Director, Communications, Advocacy and Engagement
0431 717 177
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Note for journalists:

For reporting on eating disorders in Victoria please include the contact details of Eating Disorders Victoria:
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For national syndication please include contact details of the Butterfly Foundation:
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