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Empowering carers, recorded live

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Empowering carers with Associate Professor Genevieve Pepin

Assoc Prof Genevieve Pepin has delivered and researched the Collaborative Carer Skills Workshops (CCSW) in Australia. CCSW is an evidence based program developed by Professor Janet Treasure in the UK in the early 2000s. The CCSW groups differ from traditional support groups for carers. They are structured, have a strong evidence base, and teach carers to be able to recognize what the most appropriate thing is to do for their loved one to facilitate recovery. They also focus on giving carers the skills to look after themselves as a means to better care for their loved one.

In this discussion recorded live on the EDV facebook page, EDV CEO Belinda Caldwell chats to Genevieve about the positive CCSW research findings, as well as some of the challenges faced by carers of people with eating disorders.

Thank you for Associate Professor Genevieve Pepin, Deakin University, for sharing her knowledge with Belinda and the EDV community.

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