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EDV's 2020/21 pre-budget submission

Executive Summary

This submission reflects the innovative and responsive ways Eating Disorders Victoria can deliver effective community care that keeps more Victorians out of acute hospital treatment.

Eating disorder diagnoses’ are increasing in Victoria. From 2008-09 – 2017-18, eating disorder principle diagnoses’ increased 11.1 per cent annually, the largest increase of any mental health condition.1 This increase is indicative of the overall increase in eating disorder prevalence globally.2 Despite this, funding for eating disorder related services has not increased year on year to keep up with increasing demand.

As we await the final recommendations of the Royal Commission into Victoria’s Mental Health System, we must continue to address the current needs of people and families affected by eating disorders.

Best practice guidelines stipulate that people experiencing eating disorders should be treated as outpatients (i.e. in the least restrictive environment) as much as possible.3 Eating Disorders Victoria is uniquely placed to provide community-based support services that can’t be replicated in a hospital or private treatment setting.

Eating Disorders Victoria is asking the State Government to fund the following initiatives in the 2020-2021 state budget.

  • Extend and increase current funding of EDV’s Peer Mentoring Program. $1 million over two years
  • Fund a pilot Eating Disorder Family/Carer Coaching Program. $0.5 million over over two years
  • Co-fund the Patient Pathways Telehealth Nurse Service so that this role can meet the need of the community on a full-time basis. $0.2 million over two years
  • Increase access to 40 MBS items for severe eating disorders through an EDV psychiatrist. $0.08 million over 1 year

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