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The following is a statement from EDV in support of establishing The Voice to Parliament.

Statement in support of establishing The Voice to Parliament

August 23rd, 2023

Eating Disorders Victoria acknowledges First Nations people as the Traditional Custodians of our land, the people who have lived on and loved their country through the vastness of time.

Australians will soon be asked to vote on a referendum to establish an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice to Parliament. Eating Disorders Victoria supports the Voice to Parliament and believes it will further the self-determination of First Nations people.

Our work with individuals with eating disorders, their carers and loved ones has shown that the best health and wellbeing outcomes follow deep listening and decisive action based on what we hear. As an organisation that provides support and services to thousands of Victorians living with, or caring for, someone with an eating disorder, we commit to listening just as closely to the needs of First Nations people.

The continued denial of First Nations people’s ability to make representations via a Voice to Parliament on the policies and programs that have impact on their communities has no place in a contemporary and inclusive society.

Eating Disorders Victoria recognises that the national conversation on the Voice may be challenging. We encourage everyone to remain informed, curious and respectful at all times.

We accept the invitation outlined in the Uluru Statement from the Heart, and we are hopeful that the difficult but important work presented by the move towards reconciliation will have lasting, positive impact.

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