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This research is led by an institution external to EDV. Please read all the information provided below before deciding to participate. If you have any concerns about this, please consider speaking to your treatment team, someone you trust or contact the lead researcher. While research is important, your wellness and recovery should always be priority. A reminder that the EDV Hub is here for any Victorian who would like to discuss eating disorder concerns.

Caring for a Young Person with an Eating Disorder

Research institution: Swinburne University 
Lead Investigator:
Maja Nedeljkovic
Contact: Paige Davis, Student Investigator [email protected] 

Researchers at Swinburne University, in partnership with Eating Disorders Families Australia, are seeking volunteers to participate in a research project exploring the experience and impact of caring for a young person with an eating disorder, in addition to caregivers’ needs and experiences.

It is hoped that findings from this study will be used to inform the development of an intervention for caregivers.

What does participation in this research involve?

You are eligible to take part in this research project if you:

  • Are aged 18+ years old
  • Are able to read English
  • Identify as the caregiver of a young person (25yrs or younger) with a current or past eating disorder diagnosis

If you agree to participate, you will asked to fill out an online survey that should take no longer than 45 minutes to complete. This can be completed at a place, date, and time suitable to you. You will be asked to respond to basic questions regarding your demographics (e.g., age, gender, relationship to the affected individual), and to provide basic clinical information regarding your young person (e.g., age, gender, clinical diagnosis).

The online survey will also involve a series of measures and questions exploring your experience as a caregiver, the impact of caregiving, and your needs as a caregiver. Upon conclusion of the survey, there will be the opportunity for you to enter your email address to be contacted regarding a follow-up interview and/or trialing the intervention should you be interested.

To participate, please visit:

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