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This page explains how to locate and access EDV, as well as information about facilities in our building.

Getting to EDV

By Train

Our office and clinic are located 300m away from Victoria Park Station, on the Hurstbridge/Mernda line. The route from the station to EDV involves going down a decline from the platform to the station car park, and then crossing through the car park, which contains some gravel and uneven areas for about 40m.

By Bus

We are located 290m away from the Truro St/Hoddle St bus stop and 450m away from the Johnston St/Hoddle St stop, both of which are on the 246, 302, 304, 205, 309, 318, 350, 905, 906, 907 and 908 PTV bus routes. Neither stop is noted by PTV as wheelchair accessible. Truro St/Hoddle St has tactile ground surface indicators.

By Tram

We are located 1.3km from the Johnston St/Smith St stop along the 86-tram route. This is not a level access stop. The route to EDV involves a gradual decline along Johnston St.

By Car

There is on-street 4-hour carparking available along Lulie St and Abbott St. These areas contain gravel and asphalt with some flat and some uneven areas. There is a accessible carpark located to the left of the building entrance. The carpark is 25 meters from the front entrance along asphalt. The ground is mostly flat with a couple of small undulations.

Entering EDV

We are located on the second floor of the Magpies Community Centre at Victoria Park, on the corner of Lulie and Abbott St.

The center’s front door is accessible via a ramp with railings and tactile ground surface indicators. Go through the automatic sliding doors, and head to the elevator to your slight right. The elevator has a width of 1.4 metres, the doors opening to a total width of .90 metres. The length is 1.3 metres with a hand railing running on the right-hand side at a height of .90 metres. There is a voice that will alert you to arriving at the second floor. Go to your right once on the second floor – the door to enter EDV will be open and is .80 metres wide.

If reception is unattended, please ring the doorbell which is at a height of 1.25 metres.

Inside EDV

Our Clinic

If you are visiting our psychology or dietetics clinic, the rooms have flat access from the entrance of the space. The clinic rooms have options of couches or single-seater chairs. Air conditioning remains on throughout the building, keeping the rooms at a cool temperature. The space is mainly lit by overhead fluorescent lights, but these can be turned off, with lamps available in the clinic rooms. The space is carpeted throughout. The rooms are largely scent-free and are very quiet throughout the day.

The EDV Office Waiting Room

Our waiting space is a series of large (0.5 metres) steps located around 20 metres from the front entrance. It is walking frame accessible but not wheelchair accessible. It has lots of bright windows that overlook the nearby Victoria Park oval (lots of dogs to see!). As such, it is well-lit most of the time by natural light. Air conditioning remains on throughout the building. There are lots of varied seating options in the space such as beanbags, ottomans, large cushions, stools and cushioned chairs. There is a mix of carpet and laminate flooring throughout. As it is in an open space without walls from reception and the office kitchen, there may be noise from EDV staff occupying the space and using amenities such as the sink, the dishwasher etc. There may be smells from the kitchen/reception space, be it food, soap or a candle burning. If you would like a quieter space to wait in, please chat to our friendly reception team.

The EDV Clinic Waiting Room

Outside the Clinic rooms, there is a chair for waiting. The chair is 35cms high and 55cms wide. There is a radio that plays music in the waiting area. This can be turned off if needed, just mention it to the reception team. This waiting area is in the hallway by EDV offices so there will be staff passing by from time to time.

Our Office

EDV’s Staff Room Office has flat access from the front entrance, through a corridor 1.3 metres wide and a door frame that is 0.85 metres wide. It is flat throughout. It is lit overhead by fluorescent lights, but these can be switched off with natural light available through several windows in the main space. Air conditioning remains on throughout the building. It is an open office space, so there will likely be noise from other staff in the space talking, typing, printing etc. The Executive Office has a door that can be closed to eliminate noise, as well as the HUB space. The space is largely scent-free and is carpeted throughout.


The toilets are flat access down a hallway from the reception and office areas. There are two heavy doors that pull to gain access to the bathroom where there are three gender non-specific cubicles. Assistance with these doors is available if needed, please just ask at reception. There is no accessible toilet cubicle on the 2nd floor. There are two basins, at a height of .80m. The chamber room between the hallway and the bathroom measures 2.1 metres (length) by 1.8 metres (wide), with each door having a width of .80 metres. The bathroom is lit by two overhead fluorescent lights, with another light in each cubicle. The doors to each cubicle have a width of .90 metres and the toilet length is 1.37 metres. The toilet height is 40cm. There is no hand dryer, but paper towels are provided. The sink is 55cm from the paper towel. There is no change table for babies.

Accessible Toilet

There is an accessible toilet on the first floor at Headspace. The toilet is to the right of the elevator which will tell you of your arrival at level one. The toilet is through a pull door with a handle height of 1m and a corridor measuring 1.6 metres wide. The toilet door is push and the handle is 1 metre high. This toilet has a handrail running alongside the toilet as well as behind it that beings at 1.1 metres and goes down to 80cm by the toilet. The sink sits at a height of 80cm, with the room measuring 3.1 metres (length) by 2.3 metres (wide). The toilet height is 48cm. Again there is no hand dryer but paper towels are provided. The sink is 20cm from the paper towel. There is also a fold out baby change table against the wall to the left of the door, protruding 10cm from the wall.

Emergency Exits

There are two emergency exits at EDV. One is next to the lift at reception, the second is at the back of the office space between the Executive room and the Ryan room. Both exits are stairs and have a heavy door that pushes from the hallway.

First Aid Kits

There are two first aid kits within EDV. The first is located in the kitchen, in the drawer labelled with a green First Aid Kit sign at a height of 0.75 metres. The second is located in the main office, at the back of the room in the left-hand cupboard, again labelled with a green First Aid Kit sign. This kit is at a height of 1.25 metres. There is also a defibrillator by the entrance to reception at a height of 1.30 metres. There are ear plugs in the First Aid Kit if you have anxiety and need these during the alarm. Please just ask at reception.

Fire Wardens and First Aid Officers

There are photos of the fire wardens and first aid officers at reception. These people will direct you in an emergency and are available to chat to if you have any concerns.

Support animals

You are welcome to bring your support animal into EDV with you.

Questions, feedback, suggestions

If you have any questions about your visit to EDV, or think there is anything important that we may have missed in our access key, please contact EDV Reception on 03 9994 0354 or [email protected].

We would like to acknowledge Amanda Lawrie-Jones, Access & Inclusion Consultant at www.accessibleaction.com, for their assistance with this access key. 

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