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Anyone can be affected by an eating disorder.

We're here for all Victorians impacted by eating disorders. Get the information, guidance and support you need.
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Getting through Christmas Webinar

Join EDV CEO Belinda Caldwell as she hosts our final community webinar for 2020. We'll be hearing from an EDV Ambassador who has recovered from an eating disorder, plus talking about strategies for individuals and families to get through the Christmas season. Free to join. All welcome!

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Eating Disorders Explained

An eating disorder is a serious mental illness, characterised by eating, exercise and body weight or shape becoming an unhealthy preoccupation of someone’s life. Eating disorders are not a lifestyle choice, a diet gone wrong or a cry for attention.

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Binge Eating Disorder

Binge Eating Disorder (BED) is the most common eating disorder, with almost half of all people diagnosed with an eating disorder experiencing BED. Despite being so prevalent, many people don't know the signs to look out for, or when it's time to seek professional help.

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EDV's Telehealth Nurse

Do you need additional support to help connect you with services? The nurse acts as a central point of contact to help people access services, locate specialised eating disorder health professionals, provide information and help people work towards recovery

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EDV and the Gippsland Community

We're working with professionals and community members in Gippsland to provide education, training and support around eating disorders.

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rALLY Support Group for carers

Monthly online group designed to educate and support carers and families who are playing an active role in the recovery of someone with an eating disorder.

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Online workshops and events

EDV are holding a range of online events for people in recovery, carers and community members who support those at risk of eating disorders. Find out what you can get involved in through our events calendar.

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