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I'm concerned about myself

It can be tough to admit that something is wrong. If you’re concerned that you may be experiencing an eating disorder, you’ve come to the right place. Our recovery guide will help you understand what you're going through and the steps you need to take to seek help, access treatment and maintain recovery.

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I'm concerned about someone else

If you are concerned about a loved one, such as a child, partner, sibling or friend, it's important not to watch and wait. Eating disorders are serious mental illnesses that require support and treatment. Find out how you can best support someone you are concerned about.

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I'm a concerned professional

We all have a role to play to support people impacted by eating disorders. If you are a health professional or community professional such as a teacher, sporting coach or youth worker, it's important to have the information and skills for appropriate prevention, intervention and support in your community.

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BIEDAW 2022 September 5 -11: Know the Signs, Act Early
We want to hear from you! Complete our survey to help inform our online learning platform, LearnED.
NEW podcast episode out now! Hear Ambassador Emma's story of recovery from a long-term eating disorder.
Caring for a young person? Our Carer Coaching team answer your FAQs about the recovery process.
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Body Image and Eating Disorders Awareness Week (BEIDAW) is coming up from September 5th -11th. This year we have joined forces with our fellow eating disorder organisations around a united theme: Know the Signs. Act Early. Find out how you can support BIEDAW in your community, school or workplace.

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Shape the future of e-learning

We want to hear from you! Provide guidance and feedback that will help us better understand the learning and support needs of our community. The survey is open to both consumers and carers and will help inform EDV's eLearning platform, LearnED.

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Ambassador Emma's story

Diagnosed with an eating disorder at age 11, Emma spent much of her childhood, adolescence and adulthood in and out of treatment, recovery and relapse. Hear Emma's story in her own words in the latest episode of EDV's podcast, Candid Conversations.

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Your carer questions, answered

Are you caring for a young person with an eating disorder? The Carer Coaching team share some of the common questions they hear from parents. You may find they are questions that you have found yourself thinking - it really is amazing how much we share even when we feel isolated in this journey.

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Find out how we can help

EDV has a range of free support services available to Victorians experiencing eating disorders as well as their loved ones, including Telehealth Counselling, Telehealth Nurse guidance, Support Groups, Carer Coaching plus much more.

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Eating disorders explained

Eating disorders are complex mental illnesses. While there is no single cause for eating disorders, they are treatable and full recovery is possible for everyone. Find out about the different types of eating disorders and the warning signs to look out for.

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It's ok to talk about it

The EDV Hub is a confidential place to seek information and support. Our trained volunteers can guide you to appropriate support options within EDV and externally. Get in touch via phone, email, livechat or webform.

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Information for GPs

If you are supporting a patient with an eating disorder, it's important to have up-to-date information on treatment and referral options.

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Online groups, workshops and events

We hold regular online and in-person support groups and informational events for people in recovery, carers and community members. Find out what's coming up in our events calendar.

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