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I'm concerned about myself

Admitting that something is wrong can be difficult, but it's an important step in seeking help for an eating disorder. At Eating Disorders Victoria (EDV), we understand and we're here to help. Our recovery guide will provide you with the information and resources you need to understand what you're going through, access treatment, and begin and maintain your recovery journey.

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I'm concerned about someone else

It can be difficult to watch someone you care about struggle with an eating disorder. It's important to remember that eating disorders are serious mental illnesses that require professional support and treatment. At Eating Disorders Victoria (EDV), we provide carers and loved ones with the resources and skills needed to understand eating disorders, navigate the treatment journey and support their loved one.

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I'm a concerned professional

It's crucial that we all play a role in providing support to those affected by eating disorders. As a health worker, teacher, sporting coach, youth worker or community professional, it's important to have the knowledge and skills to provide appropriate prevention, early intervention and support in your community. Eating Disorders Victoria (EDV) provides resources and training to help you understand and respond to eating disorders.

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Not sure where to start? The EDV Hub can help.

The EDV Hub is a great first step for individuals in Victoria who are seeking information and support for eating disorders. Our knowledgeable volunteers are trained to provide personalised assistance, and will help guide you to the best support options available at EDV and beyond. Contact us today on 1300 550 236 or follow the link below.

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Take the next step towards recovery.

The Eating Disorders Victoria (EDV) team are here to understand your needs and help you take the next steps that are suitable for you. Our range of specialised clinical, peer and education services are free to access for anyone in Victoria and include Telehealth Counselling, Telehealth Nurse guidance, Peer Mentoring, Support Groups and more.

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Are you a carer or loved one? You need support too.

At Eating Disorders Victoria (EDV), we believe that carers and loved ones are integral to the recovery journey and therefore require specialist support services. Our carer services and resources are available to any Victorian who is caring for, or cares about, someone with an eating disorder.

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Get involved and give back

Community is at the heart of Eating Disorders Victoria (EDV). We welcome anyone in Victoria with lived experience or personal interest in eating disorders to get involved in our cause. Options include volunteering, fundraising, sharing lived experience and more.

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Latest in fundraising: Thanks to all who donated to our Tax Appeal!
Latest in news: Catch up on the latest at EDV
Latest in advocacy: Melbourne Mavericks team up with EDV to raise awareness
Latest in fundraising

Thanks to all who donated to our Tax Appeal!

With your generosity and support, we raised over $34,000 towards our life-changing support services for Victorians in our 2024 Tax Appeal. But it doesn't have to end there! Please consider donating to EDV to help make a difference year-round.

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Latest in news

July news from EDV

Catch up on the latest news from the team at Eating Disorders Victoria in our July 2024 e-newsletter.

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Latest in advocacy

Melbourne Mavericks Match Day Partnership

The Melbourne Mavericks will team up with Henley Homes and EDV to raise awareness for World Eating Disorders Action Day. The collaboration will leverage the Mavericks’ Round 8 match against the NSW Swifts to promote positive body image, encourage healthy relationships with food, and support those affected by eating disorders.

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