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The Recovery Support Group is for people with an eating disorder (18 and over) who have already taken the first steps towards recovery.  Recovery can take many forms; however people who are engaged in treatment or contemplating recovery may find that by sharing experiences in support groups with other people on a similar journey of recovery of great benefit.

This is a place where people with common needs or problems come together and draw upon the support, resources and skills of each other for the benefit of all. It is not a therapy group, but a support group for sharing experiences and discussing relevant topics of concern.

The environment is anonymous, people meet on a  first name basis only, and no phone numbers or personal details are permitted to be exchanged on the premises between participants.

The Recovery Support Group is provided to help you discover new coping strategies, stress management approaches in an environment where you can enjoy the interaction with people in a similar situation to your own. 


Eligibility Requirements

All support group participants must be 18 years of age and over.

The group is not suitable for current hospital in-patients, people whose physical health is severely compromised due to their eating disorder or persons equally medically or emotionally unwell. In addition, participants should not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs. For their own safety and for the well being of all participants, these people will not be admitted to meetings.

Participants are expected to be emotionally and mentally well enough to travel to and from meetings without support, sit through a 1.5 hour group meeting, and cognitively understand and emotionally cope with group discussion about eating disorders. Active participation is recommended but is optional.

If you are unsure whether you are ready for group interaction, we recommend you contact the Eating Disorders Helpline on 1300 550 236 to discuss your situation or to find out about alternative sources of support. 

Is the group for people with all types of eating disorders?

Yes, people experiencing any type of eating disorder may attend.

What do people talk about at the group?

People discuss general themes and experiences regarding recovery. This may include talking about their personal experiences, ideas and strategies for coping with the impact of an eating disorder, and related difficulties in their lives. The underlying purpose of the EDV groups is to support and promote recovery. The group processes are geared to promote attitudes and feelings of understanding, acceptance, honesty and positive regard.

Within this environment, trust, hope and courage are rediscovered by many members, enabling them to take charge of their journey to recovery and try a range of self-help strategies and professional treatments that previously seemed too difficult to face.

How often can I attend a group?

You may attend a support group as often as you like. Some people attend regularly and others may come along once or twice. It is important to remember that although you may like to attend the groups regularly, there may be times when you may not feel well enough to attend.

Do I have to come if my counsellor or family or friend wants me to but I’m not keen on the idea?

This is often a difficult decision to make as you don’t want to disappoint or upset others. It is important to remember that recovery takes time and you need to do things when they feel right for you.

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