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Admitting to yourself that you need help is a brave and difficult step to take, but once you have, the question of "what next?" can be very daunting.

This section is here to help ease the anxiety of those first steps. Treatment is a very individual thing, and what works for one person may be very different to what works for another.  For this reason, this section is not a check list of things to do, but more a guide to help you along the way.

It is very normal to question things at this stage, and we encourage you to do it. Your recovery journey belongs to you, and is more effective when you are the driver. Once you have read through this section, if you are still unsure how to start down your road to recovery, call the EDV Helpline on 1300 550 236 and we will  be happy to support you through it.

Initial Assessment

A medical practitioner should perform an initial assessment, preferably one with experience in the area of eating disorders, to assess the severity and risk of the eating disorder and to look for physical health problems.  For most people, their GP is the first point of call. Some Community Health Services in Victoria can also help at this stage; or you can approach a private psychologist or dietitian.

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