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Eating Disorders Victoria has a comprehensive specialist library of books and DVDs on all eating disorders and related issues.  There are resources which are suitable for people experiencing or recovered from an eating disorder, as well as a broad range of options suitable for family members and friends of a person experiencing an eating disorder and health professionals.

The EDV library is updated regularly with the new and latest books and resources available on all eating disorder related topics, including:

  • Understanding eating disorders

  • Tools for helping to overcome an eating disorder

  • Stories from those who have recovered from an eating disorder

  • Help for developing healthy, balanced eating habits

  • Help to develop a healthy body image

  • Self-help and self-care

You must be a member of Eating Disorders Victoria to borrow from the library.

Library Hours of Operation

The library is open Monday - Friday from 10 - 4pm. Please note that the library is NOT open after hours during support groups, events or meetings.

The library is closed on public holidays and between Christmas and New Years Day. It is advisable to ring before visiting to check for any alterations to normal hours.

If members are unable to get to Abbotsford, they can still borrow books from the library by arranging with EDV to have your choice of books posted out to you, if available at the time of your request.

Items borrowed can be returned out of hours via the slot in the front door of the office. Alternatively, if people are unable to bring them back, they can be posted to us to ensure they are returned on time.


Donate A Book

If you'd like to help others through extending our collection we would be grateful for your donation. Please contact us on 1300 550 236 to obtain a list of books we would like to add and to how to donate funds or new books.


Please let us know if you hear about any titles that you would like us to consider for purchase, or if you have any ideas about programs or services that we can develop to make it easier for you to track down and access the information you need.


For more information or to discuss your needs and interests, please contact us on1300 550 236 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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