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What is an EDV support group?

EDV Support Groups give people affected by an eating disorder the opportunity to draw upon the support, experience and skills of others facing similar issues. EDV groups allow people to discuss and share their experiences, emotions and challenges, and to develop positive strategies in a safe and supportive environment.

Who runs the groups?

Trained volunteers facilitate all EDV Support Groups. Many of our volunteers have personal lived experience with an eating disorder or have been a carer.

How much does it cost?

Groups cost $5 and we require attendees to book prior to attending each group. Please see the event list page to book into support groups 

Do I need to book?

Yes, we require you to book in if you are planning on attending by 12pm on the day of the support group. You can book by finding the event under the Events tab, and find the corresponding event. 

Why am I required to book?

We honour your time and the time of our volunteers. If we need to cancel a group for any reason we want to give you as much notice as possible to minimise inconvenience.

Support Groups do not run if only one person is booked in, and that instance we would contact you by 12pm on the day of the group to advise that it is not going ahead and offer one-to-one support to you via the EDV Helpline.

I'm under 18 - can I attend?

Unfortunately, the groups are currently only for people 18+. If you are 16 and over, you might like to try the EDV Online Recovery Forum.

How do you keep the groups safe?

EDV uses a set of Guidelines to ensure Support Groups are recovery-focused and non-triggering for group members. The Guidelines are discussed at the beginning of each group.

Where can I find a support group?

Eating Disorders Victoria provides a number of support groups across Victoria for people with an eating disorder and their families, partners and friends. To view support group locations and dates click here.

How to give feedback on a group?

If you have recently attended a support group and would like to fill in a survey to provide feedback click here.


Please note that EDV Support Groups do not provide professional advice, medical advice, nutritional advice, counselling, crisis management or case management.

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