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Changing the way people view eating disorders

Eating disorders are a serious mental illness – not a lifestyle choice, a diet gone wrong or a fad. EDV aims to change the stigma associated with eating disorders and spread a message of hope.

With the right treatment and support, eating disorders can be beaten and recovery is possible.

Connecting people

People need to know where they can go for help, information and support.

EDV is the first point of contact for individuals experiencing eating disorders and their families. We connect the community with the services and support they need for recovery.

EDV is the most comprehensive source of reliable and factual information on eating disorders.

Whether you are worried about yourself, a family member or a friend, information is available on all types of eating disorders, early warning signs, treatment options, how to support someone with an eating disorder and much more.

Campaigning for change and greater services

EDV is campaigning to improve services for people with eating disorders.

We engage with key policy makers to ensure that people with an eating disorder and their carers have a voice in the community and their views and experiences are taken into account.

Media engagements

To fight the myths and stigma that often surround eating disorders, EDV is working closely with the media to improve the way eating disorders are reported and to ensure more accurate, sensitive and responsible coverage.

We challenge journalists to present the truth about eating disorders and refrain from sensationalising and trivialising eating disorders simply to sell a story.

Educating the community

EDV is committed to educating the Australian community so that people embrace the cultural changes required to reduce and eventually eliminate eating disorders in our society.

We provide professional development for schools and fitness centres as well as specialist training programs focused on the identification, early intervention, support and prevention of eating disorders. We also provide speakers at community events to spread the message of hope and recovery.

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