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1300 550 236 or (03) 9417 6598

The Eating Disorders Helpline is a free and confidential service providing information or support about eating disorders and related issues. We offer a safe place for you to seek information, openly discuss your experience with eating disorders and ask any questions you may have.

Who is this service for?

The Eating Disorders Helpline is for anyone seeking information and support around eating disorders. Contact the Eating Disorders Helpline if you:

  • want to talk to someone about your eating disorder, disordered eating or body image concerns

  • are supporting a loved one with an eating disorder

  • are worried about someone close to you

  • are a health professional seeking advice relating to a patient

  • need contact details for experienced health professionals in your area

  • want to discuss treatment options in Victoria

  • want to know about services and upcoming events offered by EDV.

Who will I speak to?

The Eating Disorder Helpline is staffed by trained volunteers who have a special interest in eating disorders. Many volunteers have either recovered from an eating disorder, been a carer for a loved one or completed studies in a related field such as pyschology or counselling.

How do I access the Eating Disorders Helpline?

The Eating Disorders Helpline operates Monday to Friday from 9.30am – 5.00pm. If you are calling after hours, please leave a message and we will return your call. We understand the need for privacy, and will not say where we are calling from unless we are speaking to you directly. The Eating Disorder Helpline is not available on weekends or public holidays.

You can access the Helpline in three ways:

In person: drop in and talk to any of our trained volunteers between 9.30am and 4pm, Monday - Friday.

Call: if you wish to remain anonymous you can call the Helpline on 1300 550 236 or (03) 9417 6598 between 9.30am - 5pm, Monday - Friday.

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Our partners

EDV is pleased to be partnering with Suicide Line Victoria and Suicide Call Back Services to provide free, specialist counselling to our clients dealing with issues relating to suicide. If you receive support through the Helpline or EDV’s Online Chat and need to talk to someone about suicide, we can refer you directly through to a counsellor so you can speak over the phone or chat online with someone who has expertise in this area. You can call Suicide Line Victoria directly on 1300 651 251.

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