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Eating Disorders Victoria’s unique approach integrates lived experience and consumer and carer representation at all levels of service delivery. We advocate to ensure that people with an eating disorder and their carers have a voice in their own treatment and care, and that their views and experiences are central to the care received.

In doing this, Eating Disorders Victoria engages with key policy makers and stakeholders to help shape policies which support policies and practices that are needed to reduce eating disorders in our community. We have representatives on advisory committees, collaborations and consortia relating to eating disorder treatment services, positive body image, obesity, healthy eating in schools and others.

Our Consumer and Carer Advisory Committee is an important mechanism for the board of Eating Disorders Victoria to ensure the voice of consumers and carers informs our work. We also have Stories of Recovery program which facilitates people with lived experience speaking in various formats, including to patients in hospital and through our carer programs.

Our new Peer Mentoring Program engages people with lived experience as peer mentors for eating disorders patients leaving hospital, and our about 50% of our volunteers have lived experience or experience as a carer of someone with an eating disorder.

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