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Consumer & Carer Representation

Eating Disorders Victoria wants to ensure that people with an eating disorder and their carers have a voice in their own treatment and care, and that their views and experiences are taken into account.

Eating Disorders Victoria engages with key policy makers and stakeholders to help shape policies which support policies and practices that are needed to reduce eating disorders in our community. 

We have representatives on advisory committees, collaborations and consortia relating to eating disorder treatment services, positive body image, obesity, healthy eating in schools and others.

Key advocacy efforts in recent times have included:

  • Devising EDV position paper and guidelines on the portrayal of body images by the media, fashion and advertising industries.

  • Participation in the advisory committee for the Centre For Excellence in Eating Disorders (CEED).

  • Participation in the National Eating Disorders Collaboration, a voluntary collaboration that brings together Eating Disorders stakeholders and experts in mental health, public health, health promotion, education, research and the media to help to develop a nationally consistent approach to Eating Disorders in Australia.

  • Providing expert eating disorder advice to the Better Health Channel.

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