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Eating Disorders Victoria (EDV) Online Services consist of moderated Forums (Message Board). They are designed to give people living with an eating disorder the opportunity to communicate with people who are on a similar journey in a safe, supportive, recovery-focused environment.  EDV Online Services aim to provide an environment of peer support where users have opportunities to connect with each other, and give and receive support that helps them along their road to recovery.

The EDV Online Services are not intended to provide counselling, medical or professional advice; neither are they intended as a crisis service. We discourage people from logging in when they are in a serious crisis.

Open and honest communication is encouraged in EDV Online Services, but always be aware of how your words may impact others who are or who have experienced the same things. The ‘no go’ areas are listed in the Rules below and have been designed to guide your writing to help protect all users. At all times, please be patient and kind with one another and allow each other space to tell your stories before changing topics/subject.

In order to keep the Forum safe, welcoming and supportive, you must agree to abide by both our Conditions of Use and the Rules below.

Lastly, please remember the EDV values:

Respect, acceptance, hope


You must not use EDV Online Services to promote or advertise any goods or services, including specific treatment options and treatment services for eating disorders; you must not use the forums to solicit money, housing, shelter, transportation, research or similar activities.


You must not post medical, health, legal, financial or other professional advice. You must not tell other members to avoid seeking professional advice. All information given by users on the forums should be regarded as opinion only and never as fact; never rely on advice given by other members of EDV Online Services.

Banned Members

A user who is found to be in violation of the stated rules or Conditions of Use will be banned, either temporarily or permanently. A user may appeal the ban via the Online Services Coordinator. A decision on whether the ban remains in place will be made by the  Client Services Manager (Message Board) after consideration of the circumstances.

Deleting / Changing Memberships

You can stop using the Online Services at any point. If you would like your account deleted or wish to change your username or password please contact the Helpline.

Breach of Rules & Conditions of Use

A user found in breaches of rules &/or Conditions of Use will be provided with a warning from a moderator to adhere to the guidelines. If there are continual breaches you may be prevented from accessing our online services. This could also result in a temporary or permanent ban.


EDV Online Services are moderated. Every forum post is monitored by EDV Moderators, who are trained and supervised volunteers.  EDV Moderators are not counsellors. The primary role of EDV moderators is to facilitate peer support between users and to ensure the EDV Guidelines are upheld. Developing relationships with moderators is not permitted. Please do not attempt to contact a moderator outside of the online services.

On occasion it may happen that an EDV user and an EDV Moderator discover that they know each other personally or professionally. If this happens and you feel uncomfortable please alert a moderator or staff member immediately.

On the Forums, posts are checked by EDV Moderators before they are made visible. EDV moderators endeavour to check the Forums every day, but sometimes it may take longer before your post becomes visible.

Negative/Triggering Content

External links
You must not post links to any website, journal, blog or document that contains negative and triggering content relating to eating disorders. EDV does not allow links to sites that encourage others to participate in eating disorder behaviours, that brag about having an eating disorder, that consider having an eating disorder is an achievement or lifestyle, and/or that contain highly triggering content. If you would like to share a positive resource please discuss this with a Moderator first.

No numbers
People with an eating disorder are often focused on ‘numbers’. At EDV we believe that sharing of numbers is not necessary for recovery and can hamper users’ progress. Therefore, sharing of any numbers is not allowed. This includes anything related to weight, BMI, calories, kilojoules, measurements, clothing size, desired weight, weight-loss goals, incidents of purging or restriction, ingestion of laxatives or diuretics, diet information, types and amounts of food ingested etc.

No "tips" or "bragging"
EDV is recovery-focused. No  ‘tips’ on how to perpetuate an eating disorder and associated behaviours, no ‘bragging’ about eating disordered behaviours, and no promotion of behaviours associated with the maintenance of an eating disorder are allowed. Conversation or comments that are perceived to diminish the seriousness of an eating disorder are not permitted.

No posts discussing a celebrity that may have an eating disorder
All members deserve to seek support here without seeing their eating disorder discussed publicly.

No serious medical conditions or questions
If you are experiencing serious physical or medical symptoms (including but not limited to: dizziness, fainting, chest pains, throwing up blood), you may be in immediate danger. EDV recommends you contact your GP immediately or dial 000 for immediate help.

If you have questions related to medications or medical issues, please go to your doctor. EDV staff are not able to provide information about medications. If you want to share an experience, or are looking just to relate with another and you are NOT in immediate danger, these types of posts may be permitted, but moderators and administrators will evaluate these on a case-by-case basis.


“Keep it nice”. EDV’s online services are anonymous, but the people participating are real people. Please treat people the way you would in real life. This includes not swearing.

Personal Attacks

Behaviour of an aggressive and malicious nature to other members and Moderators is not permitted. This includes name-calling, gossiping, harassment, and offensive language and behavior.

You must not offend, insult or harass any member based on politicial or religious beliefs; sexual preference, age, weight, ethnicity or gender.

Personal Information

The EDV Online Services are designed to be anonymous.  It is against the Conditions of Use to request or provide any personal information which may identify you (such as your full name, email address, or information about your home, work or school).

Personal responsibility

It is important to take personal responsibility for both your behaviour and your health and wellbeing. Remember that people cannot see you, so they are often unable to determine how you are reacting to certain issues or conversations. If you feel the Forum is having a negative impact on you, please contact a Moderator who will discuss the issue with you.


The conversations and posts in EDV Online Services are confidential. You agree not to repeat or copy the conversation or posts for other people. This prohibition includes copying and pasting conversations or posts to other forums (e.g. Facebook, email). The conversations and posts in EDV Online Services are for registered EDV users only.

Reporting issues

If you believe someone is behaving inappropriately, please do not respond.  Helpline team members will address the situation to minimise the negative impact on other members. You can also email a Helpline team member (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) if you feel someone is not behaving appropriately.

Safety Zones

The Forum has specific areas for posts of a sensitive nature:

  • Safety Zone- Self Injury
  • Safety Zone - Abuse (including child abuse, sexual assault, emotional abuse, physical abuse)

    Many people are triggered by posts about these topics and having a separate forum allows users to make an informed decision about whether they want to be exposed to this. Please do not describe any incidents in explicit detail as this may be triggering for others.

Suicide, self-harm etc.

Suicidal posts or ‘goodbye letters’ are not permitted and will not be made visible on the Forums. If a user is expressing suicidal thoughts, they will be referred to real-time help from their family members, doctors, or other agencies where they can seek help immediately. EDV has a reciprocal arrangement with a number of telephone counselling services related to suicide and can refer service users for immediate and specific support.

If you are feeling suicidal, contact:

Suicide Line - 1300 651 251 or www.suicideline.org.au

Suicide Call back service – 1300 659 467 www.suicidecallbackservice.org.au

Lifeline – 13 11 14 http://www.lifeline.org.au/Get-Help/

Kids Helpline – 1800 55 1800 (0-25 years of age) http://www.kidshelp.com.au/grownups/contact-us.php

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