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The Eating Disorders Victoria Recovery Forum is available for people with an eating disorder (16 years & over) to ask questions to other members of the public by submitting a post on an existing or a new topic, and to read answers given by others. The Recovery Forum is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  All new Forum posts must be viewed and approved by an EDV voluntary Moderator before being made visible on the Forum, to ensure that the guidelines have been followed.  Please note that this means that, while we endeavour to make all messages visible as quickly as possible, it may take a few days before your message appears. In order to participate in EDV's Forum, all participants must agree to the Rules and also the Conditions of Use. These rules are designed to ensure all content is positive and recovery-focused, and to ensure potentially triggering information and comments do not appear.


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Carer Forum

EDV have partnered with SANE Australia to provide a moderated, confidential forum for carers. You can access the SANE Forums here.

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