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Thursday 22 March 2018
9.30am - 4.30pm
EDV, Level 2, Cnr Lulie and Abbot Sts, Abbotsford
$90 + booking fee
June Alexander
EDV 1300 550 236

EDV is excited to announce that we will be hosting June Alexander to hold an all day therapeutic writing workshop. Join us, as June will teach you how to explore the benefits of writing and how it can help in your recovery from an eating disorder.


Learn how to use narrative skills for self-help, through journaling and as a tool to communicate with others. June herself has her own lived experience with an eating disorder and has written nine books since her recovery.

The workshop will be fun as well as being highly interactive – everyone will go home knowing more about themselves and others, and with skills to apply in everyday living, and in making their life, and that of others, count.


Focus is on acquiring narrative skills to self-help, for instance in the form of journaling, and to use the narrative as a tool to communicate with others – e.g. with therapist or trusted other

Participants practise techniques that:

  • Encourage connection between mind and body
  • Develop self-awareness
  • Promote self-care and self-love
  • Aid recognition of eating disorder thoughts and true-self thoughts
  • Help identify and address/confront secrets and fears, which can be debilitating when suppressed over time
  • Provide guidance in deciding when the time is right to share one’s story – with GP, therapist, family, the world



Focus is on maintenance of self-care and wellbeing

We explore how caregivers can use their diary to help maintain wellness and wellbeing while fulfilling the vital role of caring for a loved one. Writing tasks will encourage:

  • Development of writing skills
  • Using the diary as a debrief, recording and communication tool
  • Empathy in coping with and mastering challenges in supporting a loved one to achieve readiness for recovery, the recovery process, and    recovery maintenance
  • Confronting and managing the illness effects while loving and respecting the patient
  • Guidance in reflection to help develop and gain fresh perspectives

         .                         Safeguarding one’s own wellness and wellbeing.

A common goal for all is to develop communication skills to best assist a collaborative approach with the patient and treatment team and to achieve a more fulfilling life for all.


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