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Eating Disorders Victoria (EDV) has partnered with the Body Project Collaborative from the USA to bring the evidence based program to Australia.

The Body Project Australia (BPA) is an accredited early intervention and prevention program for young adolescents, improving body acceptance. It aims to prevent the onset of eating disorders by addressing body dissonance, media stereotypes and community awareness.

EDV Acting CEO Kelly Edwards said we are delighted to partner with the Body Project Collaborative, to bring about positive body image in young people who are exposed to the pressures of society to conform to a certain body type.

“BPA aims to improve body satisfaction and decrease the risks of eating disorders in young people aged 14-18years old in Australia.

“EDV already provides a number of support services to people with an eating disorder as well as their family and friends. We are excited to be providing early intervention services to young people who might be at risk of developing an eating disorder,” Ms Edwards said.

Body Project Collaborative, Co-Director Dr Carolyn Black Becker, said The Body Project Collaborative is thrilled to partner with EDV to bring comprehensive Body Project training to Australia.

"This partnership will set the stage for cost-effective and sustainable scaling up of the Body Project in Australia," Dr Black Becker said.

To date, The Body Project has collectively been delivered to over 3.5 million girls and young women around the world in 25 countries. Research supports the use of the Body Project not only with those who have elevated body dissatisfaction, but also in more diverse groups of adolescents that include those with lower levels of body dissatisfaction.

The Body Project Collaborative has partnered with a diverse array of organizations including Dove Self Esteem Project and the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts, the National Eating Disorders Association, and many other educational and community organisations world-wide. EDV looks forward to rolling BPA to young people in Victoria and in the future Australia-wide.

EDV will be running BPA facilitator training from the 12th December 2017. For more information about training This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

MEDIA RELEASE Eating Disorders Victoria announces the Body Project Australia

For more information on BPA training, please fill out our online form and we will be in touch.

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