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"My sister got anorexia when she was about 12 and I was 10-11. It’s a very sneaky kind of disorder."

"It damaged our relationship, because I was always looking for it or trying to catch her in the act. She didn’t accept there was something wrong for years. At the time you don’t realise, but when you look back at photos she was staggeringly thin.

I’m quite a bubbly person, but I think because of her eating disorder, there’s another layer to me that’s a little bit more wary, more sceptical. I look a little bit deeper sometimes, maybe become a bit too involved in people’s issues because I’m always wanting to help.” (Meg, sibling)

EDV provides critical services to people like Meg whose families are significantly impacted by eating disorders. Without the support of our donors, we wouldn’t be able to help people with eating disorders and their family members to navigate a complex and often confusing service system. We play a crucial role in helping people to access critical supports as early as possible, which is so important for recovery. If you can, please make a tax deductible donation to help EDV provide much needed services. Your donation does make a difference to our ability to provide services across Victoria.


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