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Below is a list of books which are recommended by EDV staff to assist those family and friends who are helping their loved one recover from an eating disorder. The list is by no means exhaustive, but is designed to assist you to get started on the road to discovering books best suited to your own circumstances.

These books and many more are all available to purchase from our online bookshop, or most are available to borrow from the EDV Members Library.

Please note that these books are not recommended for people still struggling with an eating disorder.

Skills based learning for caring for a loved one with an eating disorder 

Skills based learning for caring for a loved one with an eating disorder (2nd ed.)
Author: Janet Treasure et al

Equips carers with the skills and knowledge needed to support and encourage those suffering from an eating disorder, and to help them to break free from the traps that prevent recovery. This book is recommended reading prior to attending EDV’s Building Hope workshop.

 Talking to eating disorders

Talking to eating disorders: simple ways to support someone who has anorexia, bulimia, or other eating disorders 
Authors: Jeanne Heaton, Claudia Strauss

What to say and what not to say when a friend or family member has an eating disorder.

 Help your teenager beat an eating disorder

Help your teenager beat an eating disorder
Authors: Daniel Le Grange, James Lock

Provides the tools you need to build a united family front that attacks your child’s eating disorder, to ensure that they develop nourishing eating habits and life-sustaining attitudes, day by day, meal by meal.

 Unlocking the mysteries of eating disorders

Unlocking the mysteries of eating disorders 
Authors: Herzog, Franko and Cable

This insightful and comforting guide, written by two internationally known experts, shatters the myths, mysteries, and misconceptions surrounding eating disorders.

 Conquering eating disorders

Conquering eating disorders: how family communication heals
Author: Sue Cooper

Aims to bridge the gap between the statistics and the real-life issues to help teens and parents gain the communication skills necessary to support the healing process.

 If your adolescent has an eating disorder

If your adolescent has an eating disorder: an essential resource for parents
Author: B. Timothy Walsh

This is an authoritative guide to understanding and helping a teenager with anorexia nervosa or bulimia nervosa.

 Surviving an eating disorder

Surviving an eating disorder: strategies for family and friends 
Author: Michelle Siegel

Revised edition of a classic book, containing information on what methods and practices work best for families, helping readers take new actions that will encourage the recovery process.

 Feeding your anorexia adolescent

Feeding your anorexic adolescent
Author: Claire P. Norton

This book is an action plan for parents of children suffering from anorexia. It is a resource for parents who are desperate to know what to do right now, at this meal, at the next meal, and then again tomorrow.

 When your child has an eating disorder

When your child has an eating disorder 
Author: Abigail Natenshon

Hands-on workbook to help parents successfully intervene when they suspect their child has an eating disorder.

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