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When a person experiences an eating disorder their lives are turned upside down and the physical and psychological impact is devastating.

This devastating impact does not stop at the person who is affected. Close family and friends often find themselves sharing the rollercoaster ride of emotions that go with an eating disorder. Often the entire family works together to provide the necessary care and nurturing to help a loved one through their eating disorder.

It is normal for family and close friends to feel the full impact of the eating disorder throughout the process of recovery - from confusion and desperation to the joys of gradual improvements and landmark achievements.

Caring for somebody with an eating disorder is an extremely challenging and worthwhile role. However it is important to ensure the carer is taking the time to care for themselves and promote their own personal wellbeing.

How EDV can help:

  • The Eating Disorders Helpline is a first point of call for anyone who is concerned about an eating disorder or a related issue.  Call 1300 550 236, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or drop in to EDV at the corner of Lulie and Abbot streets, Abbotsford, Vic.
  • EDV Psychology offers private psychology sessions for individuals with an eating disorder and friends and family who are supporting a loved one.
  • Support Groups across Victoria for people with an eating disorder as well as their friends and family.
  • We have an Online Recovery Forum for people with an eating disorder, and the SANE Carers Forum aimed at family and carers.
  • EDV members can borrow books from our specialist library. Find out more about joining here.
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