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This Christmas, we're asking you to shine a light on the one million Australians currently living with an eating disorder. For many people, Christmas can be a really difficult time of year. Here's Rebecca's story:


In the months running up to December, my anxiety would start to build and I would begin to plan how I could avoid situations that involved food, and how I was going to deal with the ones I couldn't avoid.

The pressure I felt to appear happy around food and was overwhelming. The suffocation would cripple me and I spent many Christmas’ as isolated as possible, in tears.

My family suffered greatly as they too were living with my eating disorder. They did everything they could to support me through what is often a really tough time for those with eating disorders, but unfortunately I often wasn't able to beat my fears and compulsions. My eating disorder ruined many family Christmas’ through my refusing to eat, temper tantrums, tears and anything else my eating disorder had me do to avoid living a healthy, happy life.

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I lived through approximately fifteen Christmas' with my eating disorder and depression and I can now proudly say Christmas is a time of year that I adore. The months leading up to Christmas are no longer filled with fear and planning, other than planning gatherings and gifts. I look forward to seeing people that I haven’t seen for ages and don’t care if they think my weight has changed since they last saw me. I love being able to cook and eat delicious foods and feel no guilt or shame for doing something I have alwayswanted to be able to do.

I will always celebrate Christmas, not just for its festivities but for also being a time of year that once caused me so much pain and torment and now, doesn’t. I will always celebrate my win over my eating disorder and other mental illnesses and be forever grateful for the love and support I received from everyone along my journey for empowering me to recover and live a life I never, ever thought I would be capable of living.

- Rebecca


By including EDV in your Christmas giving, you're helping individuals like Rebecca receive the support, resources and hope to they need to recover. EDV rely on the generosity of supporters to continue to provide key support services to individuals and families affected by eating disorders.

All donations over $2 are tax deductible. 

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