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Supporting the Gippsland Community

If you’re concerned about your relationship with food or exercise, you’ve come to the right place.

Eating Disorders Victoria (EDV) is currently working with the Gippsland community to support people who may be affected by eating disorders to get the help they need. Anyone – no matter age, gender, sexuality or background – can experience an eating disorder.  Whilst getting a diagnosis for an eating disorder is something that can only be done by a medical or mental health professional, there are some tools to available online to help you figure out if you should be seeking professional help.

Need Help?

Find the resources you need to help you understand if it’s time to seek professional help, and what steps to take from there.

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What is an eating disorder?

An eating disorder is a serious mental illness, characterised by eating, exercise and body weight or shape becoming an unhealthy preoccupation of someone’s life.

Eating disorders are not a lifestyle choice, a diet gone wrong or a cry for attention. Eating disorders can take many different forms and interfere with a person’s day to day life. Eating disorders can present in many different ways, and people can experience more than one. The most common eating disorders that people who connect with Eating Disorders Victoria experience are:

Eating disorders explained

Learn more about warning signs and symptoms, stages of an eating disorder, classifying eating disorders using the DSM-5 and risk factors.

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How Eating Disorders Victoria can help

Eating Disorders Victoria (EDV) is working with the Butterfly Foundation and Gippsland Primary Health Network (PHN) to help ensure that people experiencing eating disorders, their families/support people and local health professionals are supported in the management and treatment of eating disorders.


If you are a Gippsland local who is looking for information, support, clinician referrals, or just someone to talk to, please contact the EDV Hub.

The EDV Hub is your first port of call when contacting Eating Disorders Victoria. The Hub is a free and confidential service providing information and peer support for people experiencing eating disorders or those who are supporting them (family, friends, professionals etc.). We offer a safe place for you to seek information, openly discuss your experience with eating disorders and ask any questions you may have.

The main roles of EDV Hub are:

  • Information: we provide evidence based information to help people understand eating disorders. E.g. fact sheets, education about eating disorders.
  • Navigation: by listening carefully and asking questions we are able to connect people with the services and support that they may need for their recovery, or to assist someone. E.g. treatment options, links with GP, psychologist/dietitian, specialist eating disorder services, support groups.
  • Support: people come to EDV to help begin and maintain their recovery. We also provide support to families and friends. E.g. practicing telling someone, questions to ask.

Contact the Hub

Fill out an online form, send an email or give us a call Mon – Fri 9.30am – 4.30pm on 1300 550 236.

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Telehealth Nurse

The telehealth nurse service is a free support service that is available to any Victorian who is experiencing an eating disorder, or who is caring for someone with an eating disorder.

The telehealth nurse service is suitable for people who are currently on the eating disorder treatment journey and are looking for additional support to link in with services. The nurse actas a central point of contact to help people access services, locate specialized eating disorder health professionals, provide information and help people work towards recovery

Get in touch with the Telehealth Nurse

The telehealth nurse is available for consultations Tuesdays – Fridays. Bookings with the nurse are essential.

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Wellbeing Program

Eating Disorders Victoria understands the many challenges faced by our community during the COVID-19 pandemic. In response to COVID-19, Eating Disorders Victoria has implemented our new Wellbeing Program to assist people living with eating disorders and their support people during these challenging times.

The Wellbeing Program offers:

  • Phone call checks-ins
  • Online support groups

Learn more about the Wellbeing Program

Find out how you can be supported by EDV’s special COVID-19 Wellbeing Program.

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EDV's Gippsland Partnership

EDV is delighted to be partnering with The Butterfly Foundation and Gippsland PHN to support the Gippsland Community.


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