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EDV Education provides low-cost professional development workshops to equip people working in education (primary, secondary and tertiary) with up to date knowledge and skills to identify and support students who may be at risk of an eating disorder.

Workshop 1 – Eating Disorders 101 (90 mins)

A brief workshop designed to provide staff with some basic information about eating disorders.

  • Eating Disorders – a brief overview of types, risk factors and warning signs
  • The role of body image, dieting and the media
  • Factors that can protect against the development of an eating disorder
  • The importance of early intervention


Target audience: All school staff


Workshop 2 – Should I Say Something? Early Intervention in Eating Disorders (4 hrs)

A comprehensive early intervention workshop designed to give staff a good understanding of eating disorders, particularly the warning signs and how to approach students they may be concerned about. This workshop is based on the Eating Disorders: First Aid Guidelines (2008)

  • Eating disorder types and prevalence
  • Risk factors
  • Warning signs
  • Treatment and support options
  • How to approach and support someone who is at risk of developing or experiencing an eating disorder


Target Audience: All school staff (maximum 20 people)


For more information about workshops run by Eating Disorders Victoria please call 1300 550 236, complete this online form, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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